Even the Hateful Left Has to Admit Lockdowns Don’t Stop COVID


There are certain questions that we have been wrestling with for some time now. “Are lockdowns truly effective?” is chief among them. NBC is here to examine this quandary and they have provided a number of theories on the matter. None of them make very much sense to us but we’ll pass them along anyway.

Right now, the states that are imposing the most restrictions are the ones that are seeing rises in cases. Why is this the case, though? NBC’s theorizing might be able to fill in a few blanks for some but we are skeptical at the moment. Their first theory is a doozy.

They are claiming that the states that do not have higher levels of cases are simply not doing the proper amount of testing, causing their numbers to decline. What they are telling you is that the lower number of cases throughout the south is more of a mirage than we think.

If we buy into this theory, COVID-19 is just as bad across the board but northeastern states are testing more of their residents. While there is some truth to this statement, there are some outliers that need to be discussed. Louisiana is a southern state that has seen a major decline in cases and they are in the top 15 in the country when it comes to their testing frequency.

California, Texas and Arizona are also seeing rates that are well below the earlier peaks. The true test takes place when we examine the numbers that are associated with hospitalization. Even if states are finding a way to fudge the stats by testing less, the hospitalization numbers are hard to lie about.

Michigan, of course, is currently in the throes of a major outbreak. Their numbers are skyrocketing as one of the variants makes its way through the state. Texas, on the other hand, has seen immediate drops after they lifted their mask mandates and allowed businesses to open. These are not mirages.

The numbers are truly going down and if we could find a pattern that explained it all away, we would happily share it with you. Right now, everyone wants the pandemic to be over. NBC also posits another interesting theory that we have been looking into. Are the states that are easing their restrictions having an easier time with things because they are developing a form of immunity?

We don’t know if we would go that far but it’s worth discussing. It’s appealing logic, for sure. States that are staying open may have created an environment where the virus had a chance to spread and now that a sizable share of the population has been infected? They could be on easy street. We are not scientists by trade but there could be some credence to this.

Michigan could be suffering from an outbreak that is far worse than it would have been otherwise, potentially. Perhaps they should have loosened their restrictions earlier? Their residents are going through it now because the state has not experienced infections at a wider rate. Less natural immunity is taking place and this is something that bears monitoring, especially as the deadly variant tears through the population.

Whitmer could have considered this long before now but she’s been caught flat-footed. The third and final theory is also easy enough to wrap your minds around. College kids have gone down to the south for spring break and now they are bringing the virus back with them.

Our pet theory is a different one: we believe that the states that have the best weather are the ones that are experiencing decreases across the board. Now that more and more people can spend time outdoors, as opposed to congregating inside, the numbers are sure to go down. The mainstream media can no longer pretend that lockdowns are the be-all end all and that is the most important thing of all.