Election Hearing in the Senate Takes Interesting Turn as Democrats Run for Cover


The Democrats are running scared because there is a lot of information being discovered over the plot to steal the election. Senator Ron Johnson dropped the bombshell at the Senate hearing as he stated, “[A] large percentage of the American public does not believe the November election results are legitimate.”

The drive to bury the truth and hide from the evidence is grossly evident.

The media refuses to pick up one folder of evidence and look through it. The Democrats are all ignoring the issue, hoping that it goes away.

And many liberal followers simply cannot see the truth past their long noses. But what is even more concerning is the number of Republicans that are not for the task of fighting for what is fair.

The country’s future is at stake, and the integrity of the election is on the line. It seems that people today are content to go with the flow of whatever happens around them.

No one wants to challenge the results because they are afraid of what the Democrats will do to them. They don’t want to have a stranger show up and kill their families because they took a stand for the truth.

If people truly cared, then reporters would be out seeking the truth. Joe Biden would want to vindicate his name and honor by getting to the bottom of the truth. It would be at that moment that people might trust the election again.

But everyone knows that the election was rigged, which is why no one wants to come forward and dig to the bottom. No one wants to look at what the investigators have found.

The Democrats only care about waving the victory flag. They have no plan for America. They want to sit back and boast that they are taking up valuable office space.

The leading Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is Gary Peters. He described having this hearing at all as “dangerous.”

He is threatening people who are involved with harm if the hearing is to take place. America’s freedoms are in serious jeopardy, and many people want to turn a blind eye to it all.

James Troupis is one of the president’s attorneys. He gave witness testimony as to why the 200,000 ballots in Wisconsin were not to be counted.

Based on established election laws, those ballots were illegal. His testimony alone proves that there was widespread fraud in contested states.

Biden only won Wisconsin by 21,000 votes, which means if the number of illegal ballots is removed, then Trump wins. Jesse Binnall is another Trump lawyer, and he stated that there were “130,000 unique instances of voter fraud in Nevada.”

More than enough to make Trump the winner. He also pointed out that “Our evidence has never been refuted – only ignored.”

They were ignored by many liberals who do not want to be pulled out of their holes and put into prison. Many of the court cases brought by the Trump campaign did not get thrown out for lack of evidence.

They were dismissed because of a procedural issue. Something that any reasonable judge would have overlooked and made way for the truth to be told.

The only witness that the Democrats had taken to attacking people because he had no defense or evidence to counter what was being said in the hearing. The Democrats at the hearing followed suit and did what their liberal judges have been doing all along.

They are refusing to even look at the evidence. They know that as soon as they see the truth, it is all over for them.

The numbers themselves prove that the election rigged. President Trump received more legal votes than any other candidate in history, and it just so happens that Biden receives six million more votes than the president.

And when Biden is compared to Obama, there is no way he should have ever surpassed the 69.5 million he got in just one term ago.

Obama was the god-like man that the liberals all bowed to. And the country is to accept that loony Biden is better than that. Biden sat his entire life away in his basement, while President Trump campaigned all over the place.

There is no doubt in millions of minds that the Democrats stole the 2020 election. Biden is not the elected president. He will be a fake president that stole free elections from the people.