Drug Overdoses Prove Deadlier Than COVID in California


One would think that San Francisco should be one of the cleanest and best-run cities in the country. After all, it is the district that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi represents. She’s been representing the area for over 30 years, yet the city is a far cry from being under control.

Pelosi spends too much time in DC, harassing Republicans as though it were her full-time job.

And now, the only impressive statistic that the Bay Area has to show is that they have actually had more people die from drug overdoses than they have the pandemic in 2020.

Clearly, there are two issues plaguing the city: the pandemic and drug addiction. Yet, the political leaders have failed when it comes to addressing either.

How is it that Governor Newsom and all of the liberals in California can keep people in lockdown because of a global pandemic that killed less than 300 in such a major city?

Drug overdoses were responsible for well over 700 deaths in 2020. And, it appears that 2021 isn’t going to see any kind of improvement.

It will be a record-breaking year for San Francisco. There were 181 fatal overdoses in 202 between January and April – and the preliminary tally for this year is at 252.

It seems that San Francisco isn’t focused on doing anything that will save lives. Instead, they’re allowing violent rallies to take to the streets. They’re also requiring many schools to stay closed, hindering the education of California’s youth. Oh, and let’s not forget their requirement to keep people masked when outdoors, going against everything the CDC has recommended.

The sharp rise of overdose deaths in San Francisco has been alarming. It’s been going on for a few years now, and yet there’s still nothing being done.

As for the root cause, well, there’s a lot of Fentanyl entering the U.S. illegally through the southern border. And, yes, the same southern border where the Biden administration has relaxed immigration.

It’s as if the Biden administration is working to make it easier for Americans to gain access to Fentanyl.

He might as well change his campaign slogan. Enter if you’re a migrant. Stay to drug an American.

What exactly are the liberals thinking when they make their decisions? Why open the borders when they know that is how the drugs are entering the country?

At least one state is being honest about the problem. Governor Abbott of Texas has said that the amount of fentanyl caught at the border has risen 800% over the prior year.

These are startling numbers. Yet Newsom, Pelosi, and other Californian leaders choose to turn a blind eye to it all. If they squeeze their eyes tight enough, maybe the problem will go away.

The problem isn’t going away. And what is going on in San Francisco is going to get worse. After all, the liberals have literally opened the flood gates at the border to allow not only more migrants but more fentanyl.

Just because the drugs are there doesn’t mean that people will face addiction and death, though…right?

Well, President Biden isn’t really helping the situation there, either. Former President Donald Trump had signed an executive order that would allow doctors to prescribe buprenorphine. It was an effective way to treat opioid addiction. Biden chose to rescind that executive order within days of entering office.

That settles that. Biden is proving that he’s not interested in helping those with a drug addiction. And there’s no way that California will recover without some kind of government intervention.

It’s as if liberals have decided to see just how insane they can allow things to get. Survival of the fittest, perhaps?