DeSantis Goes Off on Liberal Media for Not Calling the State


Democrats everywhere are under scrutiny as the election totals come to an end. In states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin, the vote count continues. But something happened in the middle of the night that has many people wondering why these states stopped reporting. These were all states where President Trump was ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes.

Even in states such as Florida and Texas, those states’ calling just seemed to take too long. Especially when blue states were being called quickly in favor of Biden with tons of votes still being left to count, the states that are called slowly were in favor of the president.

In Florida, it was clear that President Trump clearly had a majority leader, but it was not called in his favor for several hours into the night. In fact, it seemed like the count was delayed so that Biden could get his fake votes in place to make up ground and win Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for an explanation of why it took so long for the state to be awarded to the president. In the states that are not yet called, the president had a massive lead in every one of them, but the counts were stopped, and when they started up again, the numbers were in favor of Biden.

Conservatives know that there is cheating taking place. Virginia was called in favor of Biden, with not even one percent of the count being finished. It is looking like this election has been rigged from the start to favor the Democrats.

Another major state that was called hours later is the state of Texas. Joe Biden really thought that the state was his, which is why it took so long to call it. They were looking for those extra liberal votes that they thought had been delivered. But they never showed up.

The mysterious holding off of calling states for President Trump has caught the eye of DeSantis. When Florida was held in limbo, the nation paused, and that is when the Democrats started to have enormous amounts of votes show up out of the blue.

Ron DeSantis stated on social media that “President @realDonaldTrump is up in Florida by almost 400,000 votes with more than 90% of precincts reporting. Why haven’t networks called the race? It’s a done deal and the refusal to recognize the obvious speaks volumes about the (lack of) objectivity of these outlets.” It is pretty clear to everyone that the media is totally biased against any and all Republicans.

The media seemed shocked that Biden was not the blue wave that they were hoping for. Marco Rubio stated that “Dem wipeout in Miami-Dade #Florida, Two Dem House incumbents lost, Multiple state legislative seats go from Blue to Red, Trump cut the Democrat margin of victory by over half from 2016.”

These kinds of things were happening all over the country. President Trump was sweeping every state, and then it happened. All the states stopped counting their ballots. And by morning, Biden was winning in all of the states. There is something that is obviously wrong with the voting count and the way that everything mysteriously changed.

Nicole Wallace from MSNBC stated that “You can feel the hopes and the dreams of our viewers falling down, and liquor cabinets opening, all across this great land.” She kept stating things about the Republican states were too close to call. But they were not even close. President Trump had made great strides coming back and overtaking Biden in the battleground states.

DeSantis noticed the fraud early on and called everyone out on the issue. The problem is that the cheaters are covering their tracks before anyone can get in and check things out. Several states banned Republicans from observing the counting by not letting them in the buildings until their fake ballots were gone. The president was right once again regarding the cheating that has taken place. His fight will end up in the courts to determine the next president of the United States.