DeSantis Calls out Fake News Media Over Their Hysteria About Florida’s COVID Cases


Republicans are very skilled when it comes to blaming the mainstream media for any issue that they experience. Governor DeSantis is well aware of this. He’s used this rationale to talk around any number of problems that the state of Florida is going through. While we do think that the term “hysteria” is a bit much here, that does not mean that the governor is wrong.

The state of Florida is definitely experiencing a surge in cases, that much we know. However, case numbers are not the metric that we need to be worried about at the moment. We have reached a new stage of the pandemic, where those who are infected (and vaccinated) do not need to take up hospital beds because they have already gotten their jabs.

Florida has yet to approach their peak number of daily deaths. They have tirelessly worked to protect their senior citizen population and it has paid major dividends. Since so many senior citizens have been vaccinated over the course of the past few months, this has worked wonders.

Hospitalizations matter deeply, as they place a huge strain on the quality of care for emergency patients. They also function as a measure of severe illness. Unfortunately, Florida has been consistently breaking records when it comes to their hospitalization tally. “Hospitals around the state report having to put emergency room visitors in beds in hallways,” says the Associated Press.

DeSantis may refer to this as a form of hysteria but they need to get it together and quickly. If the hospitalization counts continue to rise, the death toll is sure to follow suit. The governor may want to remain defiant in the face of all these numbers but he can only continue to talk tough for so long before it bites him in the backside.

We can see where he is coming from, though. For example, the mainstream media is already trying to claim that other urgent care patients are unable to receive the help that they need. This is a claim that the Associated Press attempted to look into on their own and they did not find any information to support this theory, which has been repeated over and over again.

“Doctors interviewed by The Associated Press acknowledged that this happened during the early months of the pandemic, but say it’s no longer true, and that they’re treating the usual number of cardiac patients,” they shared. That does not mean that the problem is not worth monitoring. MSN has more:

“In response, some Florida hospitals have suspended visitations and others have taken the more drastic step of restricting elective surgeries while administrators scramble to find space for intensive care patients and to shore up nursing and staffing shortages.

Brevard County’s Health First, which operates four hospitals, paused all elective surgeries not considered “essential” through Aug. 15 while Jacksonville’s Baptist Health asked surgeons to delay some elective surgeries at its six hospitals because of the rise in COVID-19 patients.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings this week announced that local hospitals are in crisis from the surge — one week after Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava issued a similar warning about rising hospital admissions, particularly among the unvaccinated, and urged everyone to get the vaccine to protect themselves and others.”

There’s another factor that needs to be taken into consideration: the potential lack of hospital workers who can handle the crush of patients. “We have been living Covid for over a year and a half. The stress and the strain for all the providers and nursing staff is really getting to everyone,” one hospital physician said to NBC. This is an aspect that has to be carefully considered and Florida has yet to do that.

It’s easy to see both sides of this equation. DeSantis wants to be sure that the media does not get too hysterical about what is taking place and the rest of the state is hoping to avoid another major wave that brings public life to a standstill. We wish them all of the best!