Dems’ New Normal: BLM Mob Drags Man Out of Car and Beat Him Unconscious (Graphic Violence Warning)


4Chan might be known to most as an anonymous message board but they are actually some of the best investigators that you are ever going to come across. Whenever we need to learn more about something, they are on the case before we have even had a chance to blink. A man was badly beaten by Portland protesters on Sunday night, leaving the world wondering who was responsible.

Enter 4Chan. They have been able to hone in on the identity of the man who is responsible for dealing the final blow during the merciless beating. The rioters beat up a white woman that was with the man as well. These protesters know no bounds. We are well past the boundaries of peaceful protest at this point. Now, people are just using the demonstrations as an excuse to be violent.

The mob had gathered around the man, watching him bleed from the head. No one seemed too concerned about his injuries. Some voices are asking for 911 assistance but it is unclear as to whether they are a part of this mob. Another voice is heard, claiming that a “medic” is present. The man was laying on the ground unconscious but the mob saw fit to rob his vehicle.

What was this man’s crime? According to Twitter, these folks were attacked because they were willing to defend another person who had been robbed by the mob. When the man got in his truck and tried to evade them, they forced him to crash and it only got worse from there. The 4Chan posters already have a name for one of the attackers, believe it or not.

The man who decided to run up and haul off on the man after he was already unconscious has been identified as Keese Love. According to his Facebook profile, he is currently working as a ramp agent at Portland International Airport. He moonlights as a DJ when he is not working at the airport.

That’s not his real name, though. Marquise Love is believed to be his real moniker. By the time the authorities find him, he is going to wish that he hadn’t done something this foolish. Why on earth would you risk your freedom to throw a punch at someone who is already down? There’s nothing to gain from a stunt like this and everything to lose.

If this citizen had been armed, things might have gone quite differently for the protesters. They might have been the ones on the ground, unconscious. The unruly mobs that are taking over liberal cities do not realize the error of their ways and they won’t until it is already too late. Protests are not some kind of free for all where everyone can get their jollies by hurting others.

They are supposed to be handed in the proper manner. That’s why President Trump ended up sending the Feds into a number of cities. Clips like these show why he made that decision. The best part of all? Love was dumb enough to wear the same vest that he was photographed in for his Facebook profile photo.

You really can’t make this type of stuff up. This man is that misguided and he truly didn’t think that the police would be able to put two and two together. He’s done everything short of leaving a trail of bread crumbs to his home. While the condition of the victim is not known at the moment, we are more than willing to provide any updates that we receive as soon as they are made available.

We wish him all of the best during the recovery process and hope that he is on the mend as we speak. No one deserves to be treated this way, no matter what side of the discussion you are on. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves at this point. This is the America that the liberals want, though.