Dems’ Moral High-Ground? Cuomo Threatens Trump With Physical Violence


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump have never been big fans of each other. These two have been at odds for as long as we can remember. At long last, the long-simmering tensions between these two men are finally about to boil over. We have got our popcorn ready and we cannot wait for these two to duke it out.

Cuomo had some very tough talk for the president when he decided to announce his intentions to strip New York City of funding, in addition to other Democratic cities that he deemed lawless. Trump was told that he had better watch his back the next time he is in New York City. In his words, Trump cannot have enough bodyguards and he will also need an army.

These are the people that claim to be interested in reuniting America but this type of violent rhetoric cannot be tolerated. A sitting governor physically threatened the President of the United States but the mainstream media couldn’t care less. If anything, they are probably egging him on and hoping that he gets his chance to take a swing at Trump.

That’s all the liberals have wanted for the past few years, if we are being frank here. Attorney General Bill Barr is not pleased with what he has heard and we are sure that the NYPD is not going to be standing in solidarity with Cuomo either. Who is going to protect him after he told the police force that they needed to have funding taken away?

Cuomo called for an emergency press briefing, just so he could lace into Donald Trump. It seems like a waste of everyone else’s time at the moment but who are we to judge? Cuomo needed to let the world know what a big tough guy he is and he had no other means of doing so. Why contact Donald Trump directly when you can do some good old fashioned grandstanding for everyone else’s benefit?

“He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York. New Yorkers don’t want to have anything to do with him,” the governor said. He wasn’t done there, though. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City, people don’t want to have anything to do with him,” Cuomo continued.

Cuomo may want to think twice about the comments that he is making. Anyone who resides in New York City will probably need to have a bodyguard or two if they are walking down the street. The photos and videos that have been coming out of this city recently are horrifying. We can scarcely even recognize it anymore. Cuomo and de Blasio have reduced this once-proud city to absolute rubble.

No wonder we are seeing so many stories about New York City residents racing to go get a U-Haul and get the heck out of Dodge. No one wants to stay in a city where their governor and mayor are more interested in having their own personal battles with the president. Add in the civil unrest that is taking place and the police force defunding issues and you have a recipe for a powder keg.

Normally, we would say that this powder keg looks ready to blow but that horse is already out of the barn. This is where having strong leadership helps but New York City is essentially fending for themselves. If anything, Cuomo has made it so that the president will probably be showing up any day now.

Trump does not care for these sorts of proclamations and he is sure to call Cuomo’s bluff. We hope that these two are able to run into each other very soon. This is just an educated guess but we are willing to bet that this will not go in the manner that Mr. Tough Guy expects it to.