Dems in Lockstep With Iran, China and Turkey to Condemn Historic Middle East Peace Deal


The Middle East has struggled to broker peace deals for some time now and when one falls into place, the parties responsible should be praised. This is something that we should all be willing to rally around but as we learned over the weekend, that is never going to happen. The first Middle East peace deal in decades has been made but Trump is not going to receive any thanks for it.

The Democrats hate the deal and of course, Team Obama does not like it, either. Turkey and China were never going to like it, so we are not surprised by their dissent. Israel and the United Arab Emirates are the countries that have struck a deal and it was a major surprise to many regional analysts. Once the deal was signed, Reuters reports indicated that the two countries immediately opened their lines of communication.

The first publicly acknowledged call between the national officials took place on Sunday. The Gulf state opened telephone lines to Israel and the two nations are hoping for a normalization of ties. While experts who study the Middle East are praising Trump’s efforts, the detractors are looking to do anything in their power to diminish the accomplishment.

This is simply the way that it goes in America now. Trump is the first United States president to make meaningful progress in the region in some time and the experts recognize it. A US nation has not been able to broker an agreement between an Arabic nation and Israel in decades. According to the agreement, “full normalization of relations” is expected to take place.

Diplomatic reactions are expected to improve now that embassies will be open and trade and tourism are encouraged. Direct flights are now being offered between the two countries and this is the first time that this has happened. Diplomatic relations are hard to come by in this region of the world and this isn’t something that most people need explained to them.

Team “Orange man bad!” sees things differently. Their whole thing is simple. If they don’t like something Trump does, they whine and cry. If he does something good, they’ll just pretend that it is somehow bad and that’s how they choose to operate. They labor under false delusions about everything that he does.

The Middle East policy that the current administration inherited from Team Obama was filled with holes and needed a sizable amount of work. The policy was on the verge of collapse. If something was not done, we shudder to think of the increase in conflict that would have taken place in this region. Iran was only becoming more and more belligerent by the day.

The Iran Nuclear Deal emboldened them and surrogates had begun to gain power. ISIS had also gained a sizable amount of power in the nations of Iraq and Syria. These setbacks to American policy were treated with the proper amount of urgency by President Trump. Other administrations had been willing to look the other way on all of this.

Richard Grenell, former Ambassador and Acting Director of National Intelligence, is praising the deal and also wondering why people are so glum about it. If the experts are all happy, why can’t the Obama administration get on board? They had eight years to achieve these kinds of results and they sat on their hands. Obama was more concerned about traveling the world for his silly apology tour.

If Biden is elected, it probably won’t be long before he starts an apology tour of his own. This seems to be the cycle that the nation is currently trapped in. A Republican tries to undo all of the foreign policy damages and then a Democrat comes behind them to mess up all of their hard work. We take solace in the fact that the true experts know who is responsible for the truly crucial peace treaties.