Dems’ Hysteria: Dems Accuse Melania of White Supremacy Over Rose Garden Renovation


The White House Rose Garden renovation project has been taking place over the course of the past three weeks. The finished product has finally been unveiled and it’s a beauty. When it was revealed to the press over the weekend, the social media attacks immediately began. What could the First Family have possibly done to earn such a vicious tongue lashing?

All it takes is a new rose garden to get the online outrage machine started nowadays. No one is even willing to wait for the president to make an inflammatory comment anymore. Melania Trump is attacked on all sides by people who have a clear political agenda. We are not experts when it comes to gardening but this area looks nice.

When Melania announced her willingness to take on this project last month, we felt that it was long overdue. The rose garden has been in need of renovation for some time now. The garden was not accessible to the disabled and there were drainage problems that also needed to be addressed. This should have been a much-needed piece of good news for the nation.

That’s not what the leftist outrage mob wants, though. Technical updates have been added so that future presidents will be able to broadcast their addresses and have more events. None of that matters to anyone anymore. It’s all about taking down white supremacy and if a rose garden has to be cut down to size on social media, so be it.

For her part, Melania did everything she could to fix up the garden. “Protecting the historic integrity of the White House landscape is a considerable responsibility, and we will fulfill our duty as custodians of the public trust,” her statement read once the renovations had been announced. She did earn some unwanted Jackie Kennedy comparisons, though.

A dozen crabapple trees were removed from the garden and they will be planted in a different location on the White House grounds. The Kennedy fans were incensed by the choice, proving that people really do have too much time on their hands these days. Jackie was the last First Lady who took an active interest in upgrading the area and the decision was perceived as a slight.

The trees were not removed for any nefarious reason, either. Melania is just trying to improve the irrigation issues that so many other presidents have ignored. One of the Jackie Kennedy fans even took to Twitter and started rewriting history. She claimed that Kennedy was responsible for the creation of the garden in the first place.

Mind you, the garden has been in existence since 1913. We’re not the best with dates but that’s a little bit before the Kennedy administration. Woodrow Wilson’s wife, Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, established the site and there was a previous colonial garden that First Lady Edith Roosevelt was responsible for. One tweeter even claimed that their grandmother would be sobbing if she had seen what Melania had done with the precious crabapple trees.

Charles M. Blow is a New York Times reporter who simply could not resist taking the chance to make a Marie Antoinette reference. Melania was hoping to offer some comfort during these trying times but the garden is now considered to be a tool of evil. The tweet calling the garden “a funeral home for white supremacists” really took the cake. This is the sort of liberal hysteria that makes it so easy to tease them.

It’s one thing to have an opinion about the latest Trump press conference but carping about a rose garden that the First Lady tried to renovate seems a bit much. One worker even tried to share tweets about the renovation but he was forced to take them down. Heaven forbid the man be excited about his own work. As for us, we look forward to seeing Melania’s Republican National Convention address from the new and improved garden.