Dems Charge Oval Office Sex Offender Bill Clinton To Explain What Should Happen in the Oval Office


Former President Bill Clinton was given the chance to speak at the Democratic National Convention. If you are anything like us, you are wondering why the party that anointed themselves the leaders of the #MeToo movement are allowing a sex offender to speak at their convention. Even some leftist observers have already made the observation on social media.

So it’s clearly not just us! In addition to allowing the sex offender to speak at their convention, they gave him five minutes to criticize President Trump. In most instances, former presidents do not critique the performance of current presidents. This goes against the unwritten rules of the presidency. As we all know, Bill Clinton is not exactly someone who cares about proper decorum.

His first presidential term was full of stories about his choice of attire and his willingness to let pizza boxes and take out containers stockpile in the Oval Office. Some people may have wanted a president that loves pizza and wears basketball shorts to work but this is not how serious national business should be conducted.

This is the guy who thinks that he needs to be lecturing people about how to behave in the Oval Office, though. His predecessor George H. W. Bush was more of a stickler when it came to formal attire. He always wore a coat and tie to work and was the type to lead by example. As for Clinton, his relaxed mentality bled into his job performance on a number of occasions.

Many Americans can remember Clinton’s impeachment for lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstruction of justice. These lies were told about the sexual affair that he had been having with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern at the time. Stephen Colbert was not going to miss his chance to point out the Clinton hypocrisy.

His late-night talk show airs after the conventions, so you knew he was going to talk about the Clinton speech. He injects plenty of political activism into his show plus he’s not afraid to attack the Democrats (unlike so many other mainstream media figures). While his show is considered to be a must-stop for many members of this party, he’s also well known for being anti-Trump.

‘The former president let Trump have it,’ Colbert said, cutting to show a clip of Clinton stating that the Oval Office ‘should be a command center.’

‘Instead, it is a storm center,’ Clinton said in his speech.

Colbert commented: ‘Alright, that’s true, that’s a good point.

‘But I don’t think Bill Clinton gets to lecture anyone on what should happen in the Oval Office.

‘Those in glass houses should not be allowed near the interns.’

Colbert has to call it as he sees it, though. Clinton’s appearance at the convention needed to be called out and even a Democrat of his stature couldn’t resist poking some fun at Bubba. Bill may have thought that he had a good one with the “the Oval Office should be a command center and Trump has turned it into a storm center” stuff but Colbert’s response was priceless.

“Alright, that’s true, that’s a good point. But I don’t think Bill Clinton gets to lecture anyone on what should happen in the Oval Office. Those in glass houses should not be allowed near the interns,” Colbert said. Truer words haven’t been spoken in some time now. Clinton’s presence is at odds with everything that the Democrats claim to stand for and at least there’s one media member who’s willing to acknowledge that.

Yes, we agree with Colbert and this is not something that gives us a great deal of joy. 2020 is a unique hell and you never know where your friends are coming to come from. At least there’s one lefty who is ready to call out the nonsense when it happens. Clinton had the nerve to deliver this speech on the same day that photos leaked of him receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s captive young women.

The woman in the photo was all of 22 years old at the time. Bill’s old enough to be her grandfather. Clinton’s audacity was not well received on social media and even the progressive commentators seem to be done with him. As for the Democrats, they continue to act as if they think their voters are idiots….and they are getting away with it.