Democrats Upset Over Tan Suit: Obama in Tears


A tan suit is something that just cannot be worn by any person. The color itself demands that a person of authority and integrity to put it on. Only a master of honesty and power can rightly pull off wearing the tan suit. In years past, Barack Obama tried to tame the powerful look. But he failed as even his beloved liberal media would peddle him into the ground begging him to never wear the tan suit again. 

There are just some colors that some people should never wear. For Obama, tan is that one color. He just cannot pull off the look that Mitch McConnell can. The tan suit has made its comeback as it looks for the man that can control its powerful tale. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the chosen one to wear with authority, the tan suit. 

The liberal media just cannot bring themselves to admit that McConnell has done that the wimpy Obama failed to do. He just could not make the color work for him. But the majority leader has tamed the look that Obama was made fun of for wearing years earlier. The media is trying to save Obama’s image as they have attacked McConnell. But there is just no denying that the suit fits him very well.

That power and prestige that escapes the Democrats is found in the man and not the position. McConnell is a person of integrity and strength. He stands by his beliefs and does not try and fool Americans. Obama would say one thing and then do the complete opposite. His actions never matched up with his words. 

McConnell is attacked by the media trying to say that the tan suit is just not for any politician. They lie when they publish those words. Tan is the color of authority. If it were able to be tamed by everyone, then men would wear the color more often. But only those that have earned the right to be graced by the tan suit can pull off the powerful look. McConnell has done something that Obama could never do. 

The media has placed Obama’s and McConnell’s picture side by side with the hopes of shamming the Republican giant. The photos show that Obama pales next to the sharp look that McConnell brings to photo comparison. The photo shows authority and honesty. Something that comes out when McConnell is captured in a photo. 

The political landscape needs more people like Mitch McConnell. The country needs people like President Trump and others that are not afraid to stand up to the evil of the Democrats. Their attempts to dismember America fails every time because the man in the tan suit stops the socialist bills from having to be vetoed by the president. 

McConnell has gained so much attention by putting on the tan suit that people can only remember the success that defines the man. The media likes to focus on the failures, but people only see the victories won. The tan suit can only be worn by people like McConnell, who stands for building up America and supporting the most honest president since the days of the Founding Fathers.

Obama failed to pull off the tan suit back in 2014. It was then that America was shocked by the horrific look presented by Obama. Peter King who aligns himself with the Republicans stated that Obama had mastered the misstep of the closet. Obama indicated that he lacks seriousness about the meeting that he was involved in. 

But truth be told, Mitch McConnell presents a look that screams seriousness in the picture of him in a meeting. No one can accuse him of the same clownish wearing of the tan suit that Obama tried to pull off. Only certain people can get away with wearing tan.

And those are the ones that have earned the right to dawn the color. All others have fallen short of that right. Democrats that try and wear the color only damage themselves. People do not see their success. They only see their failures and lack of seriousness as to the future of the United States.