Democrats Struggle With the Meaning of Equality With New Act


Equality, by very definition, should be bipartisan. If it’s equal, then it has to be equal everywhere.

The Equality Act Hearing, however, is proving that Democrats have no clue what “equality” really means.

Democrats don’t want to give Republicans an equal number of witnesses. How does that work, exactly? We want to provide equality, but we don’t want you to have equality with us.

The Democrats continue to prove that they’re picking and choosing where they want to achieve equality. Certainly, they want to have the upper hand in everything. Otherwise, gasp, there may end up being equality across the board – and that simply won’t do based on the agendas they want to push.

The Equality Act is going to impact a lot if it is passed, including marriage, sports, and abortion.

The goal of the act is to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ensure that people aren’t discriminated against based on not only sex but also sexual orientation and gender identification.

Perhaps the biggest debate that this act has sparked is how it will impact female sports. If men who identify as women can play female sports, it can lead to an unfair advantage.

The Democrats don’t seem to understand that there is a basic fundamental difference between men and women. It has nothing to do with discrimination. It is basic science.

If Republicans can’t even get equality when it comes to the number of witnesses allowed in the hearing, there’s no way to fight. There’s no way to counter testimony from a transgender teenager. There’s no way to point out that there are instances where it is okay to separate the boys from the girls.

The request for the hearing from the Republicans is simple: allow one female athlete-related testimony. That request has been denied.

It is absolutely critical that the story is told from both sides. Just as the Democrats want to push how it’s “unfair” for men who identify as women, Republicans want to show how it’s also “unfair” for women who identify as women.

A non-profit, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), is representing multiple female athletes in a Connecticut case involving transgender athletes competing in female sports. They made several of their female athletes available to give testimony – yet the Democrats won’t hear of it.

The Equality Act is already starting out on shaky ground. It’s unequal because only the Democrats are allowed to speak in favor of it. The Republicans aren’t getting a chance to balance it out with testimony that speaks against it.

How equal can such an act be when it’s become a partisan issue?

As the legal counsel for ADF, Christiana Holcomb has said, “Our clients have lost out on state championships, podium spots, and opportunities to advance in competition because they were forced to compete against biological males.”

This is the issue that the Republicans have been trying to highlight. Females should not have to compete against biological males. It’s why sports were divided by gender from the beginning. It’s why nets are of different heights, why golf course tees are at different distances, and even why balls and other equipment are of different weights. It’s to accommodate the differences in gender.

Many committees have decided to have a balanced panel. Considering the Senate makeup is a split, it would allow a higher level of equality. However, the Senate Judiciary Committee, the one that is overseeing the Equality Act, has decided that they’re not going to allow equality. The very committee responsible for checks and balances has decided not to be balanced – yet we’re not supposed to notice this blatant error.

Essentially, the Democrats have chosen to not allow testimony that could hurt their goals. They want to allow the radical policies – and they want to destroy female sports as we know it in the process. It won’t be until countless biological females are injured that the Democrats will realize the epic mistake that has been made.