Democrats Reach New Low as They Use FBI for Dirty Business


The Democrats are the dirtiest political group in the world. Their main objective is to gain power and get rich doing it. And they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. Even if that means illegally investigating conservatives.

Their agenda is that there is no end to the amount of power they are seeking. In order to achieve their never-ending goal, they must destroy all opposition to their throne. Their latest target is the freedom of speech and the Parler platform that people want to use to voice their opinions.

Parler was the popular choice for conservatives to switch over to when the hateful social media giants censored their speech. It was not enough that the giants ran people off. They had to shut their voice down for good.

And that is precisely what they did by running Parler into the ground.

The companies destruction is not enough for them. The Democrats are moving forward with setting up the FBI to come in and investigate the company for any part they had in the riots at the capital building weeks ago. The liberals went after Trump, and now they are attacking the conservatives.

The liberals on the House Oversight Committee are drooling at the chance to force the FBI to become their secret police. They need an organization that they can use to track down conservatives and bring them to their liberal courts. Parler is just the beginning of attacks that are coming on conservative based organizations.

But their request to the FBI is not being ignored. Other members of the House are fighting back. A report put out states that “Committee Ranking Member James Comer, R-Ky., and GOP Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., penned a letter to Maloney, D-N.Y., on Monday.”

In that letter, these defenders of freedom stated to the Democrats that “Like you, we were disturbed and angered by the riot and we believe those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But casting blame on a single social media company known for its conservative username while simply ignoring other social media companies known for sympathizing with liberal causes is blatantly and overtly partisan.”

The only reason the liberals are ignoring big tech and money is that they control those entities for their evil desires and agendas. It was also said that “Moreover, your letter is additional evidence of the growing alliance between Big Tech and Democrats to muzzle certain viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives.”

Parler has done nothing wrong to deserve the treatment that they are getting. They are just the platform to which many conservatives desired to voice their opinions and tell the world what was happening to the country around them.

They stated that “a cursory search of other social media platforms yields identical, disturbing posts, from across the political spectrum, advocating for a wide swathe of positions, demonizing an equally diverse group of people.”

Research proves that all social media platforms were used to vocalize concern regarding the rigged election that happened in liberal states.

The Republicans have it right when they stated that “[r]ather than limiting its investigation to Parler, then, perhaps the Committee should include Facebook and other social media companies in its request for an investigation into the antecedents of the January 6 Capitol riot.”

The Democrats need a slap in the face to wake up their blinded minds. Their deliberate denial of the big tech companies’ facts only shows that they are tied at the hip together.

The very idea of using the FBI to investigate private citizens is a mirror image of what China does to their people. Anyone in red China that speaks poorly of the government is immediately taken and never seen again.

The FBI is under the control of the Democrats, and there is nothing to stop them from being used to destroy the lives of innocent people. The left’s relentless attacks on free speech will continue until people stand up and fight back.

The Constitution guarantees freedom for all, which the Democrats do not want in America.