Democrats Confuse Amnesty with Infrastructure


Dictionaries are used to provide definitions. It’s to ensure that no one gets confused as to the meaning of the word. However, the Biden administration has already said that they will not be going by previously accepted definitions.

What does that mean?

The generally accepted definition for infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities to ensure society can operate. This includes physical structures such as roads, bridges, buildings, and power supplies.

Yet, the Biden administration wants to change the definition to include whatever they want. Democrats have decided to shift the definition to include anything that will help them operate society in the way that they deem fit.

This includes inviting illegal aliens to enter the country and offer amnesty.

House and Senate Democrats have been urging President Biden to include the amnesty of millions of illegal aliens into the infrastructure package.

Can anyone figure out how amnesty has an impact on infrastructure? Does it affect the physical or social or economic aspects of improving the way that society operates?

The Democrats don’t care about improving the way that society operates. They simply want to change it. And if there are enough illegal aliens who suddenly have amnesty, things will change. However, those changes are likely to hurt the economic status of America – especially as nearly 17 million Americans are without jobs.

A number of Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Alex Padilla, are eager to add amnesty for at least 5 million illegal aliens.

According to the Democrats, it’s important for illegal aliens to hold American jobs – and that it is a “crucial part of the backbone of our society.”

They’re claiming that most of these people are essential workers, are American heroes, and have “earned the right” to become American citizens. Apparently, we’re supposed to forget the “illegal” component – that they’ve either entered the country illegally or have chosen to stay in the country on an expired visa.

If Biden is able to move forward with this plan, it could bring nearly 37 million foreign nationals into the country permanently by 2031 – that’s nearly the size of California.

The problem is that they don’t have the support. While some Democrats are pushing for this, others are saying that it’s a bad idea. Further, polls will show that there are voters across the board that don’t want to put illegal aliens above Americans.

There’s no way that Americans can win with this kind of plan. Mass immigration is at the expense of the lower-middle class. Corporations and investors get to keep the cost of labor as low as they can because there will always be migrants who are willing to accept the lower pay.

Then, the Democrats swoop in to “save the day” by offering higher minimum wage, stimulus checks, and more. It ensures that the Democrats stay in power because people become dependent on looking to the government for help.

This isn’t just hearsay to help the Republicans make their case. Economist George Borjas has noticed that mass immigration has “wage-crushing” side effects. And the Congressional Budget Office has said that mass immigration is responsible for cutting wages.

Yet, we have Democrats who are making demands of Biden to add amnesty into the infrastructure plan.

If they want to offer amnesty, at the very least, it has to be on a different plan. It has to get a different level of support.

Can we not ever focus on just one thing at a time? The U.S. needs new infrastructure. Real infrastructure. Not the made-up definitions of infrastructure that the Democrats want to throw around as though they have the power to redefine anything to fit their agendas.

It’s time that we put America first. Yet, Biden isn’t looking to negotiate. He’s looking to tear the country apart by putting illegal aliens first. And when the economy comes tumbling down, he’ll wonder how the country fell apart.