Democratic Leaders Green Light Terrorizing Families


Pay close attention to how Democratic leaders are treating Americans across the country. As one calls for socialism another locks their state down to the point as though they feel like prisoners. Yet another imposes harsh restrictions that obviously don’t apply to themselves.

Now, it appears that terrorizing families has been given a green light, at least in Oregon.

Democratic Governor Kate Brown has locked the state down for months, causing businesses to suffer without any kind of financial relief. Now, one salon owner speaks out about what she’s had to deal with, including the retaliation from the governor.

Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon reopened her salon in May. She received a fine of $14,000 because she defined state lockdown orders. She remained open because of how the extended closures had affected her finances.

Graham has said that Brown has begun personally terrorizing her family, including threatening to place her children in the care of Child Protective Services.

Why would the governor go to such lengths over a salon owner? Graham believes that it is meant to intimidate her so that she’ll close her salon doors.

Graham reported, “As soon as I tried to open my doors against the governor’s mandate back in May, she came at me with the full weight of the state.”

Graham isn’t the only one in the U.S. or even in Oregon who has chosen to defy state orders. Business owners feel as though they’re entitled to earn a living, especially if they are following the necessary guidelines of mask-wearing and social distancing.

Most healthcare officials agree, too, that when the necessary protocols are being followed, it’s safe to open.

Graham has been dealing with the terror of a governor scorned for months. Child Protective Services showed up at Graham’s home and interviewed her children without parental presence. The governor has also been accused of terrorizing all of Graham’s stylists.

To deal with it all, Graham has decided to sue the governor for $100,000. This covers not only the fines that have been given to the salon for defying the state orders but also the financial damages of having to close the salon for extended periods.

Other businesses aren’t dealing with such harsh fines when they defy the orders. In most instances across the country, law enforcement won’t even support the orders because they feel as though Democratic leadership has gone too far. Most law enforcement officers in California, for example, are the first ones to admit that they won’t enforce any of Governor Newsom’s laws.

It appears that things are a bit different in Oregon, though. The governor seems to have taken the salon’s defiance as a personal insult. Why should the children be separated from the mother just because the mother has chosen to defy orders and earn a living?

Graham explains that a full case was opened with “bogus and unwarranted” claims. Only after she threatened the lawsuit did the state back down. The lawsuit, which was filed on December 18, identifies that shutting small businesses down results in “greater negative health effects.”

Graham believes that the governor has chosen to make an example out of her – and she’s not going to go away quietly. Oregon chose to go in lockdown starting in March – and more severely than many other states.

She has demonstrated that she can operate safely and adhere to the guidelines laid out by the CDC and the federal government. Therefore, she believes she is within her rights to operate. The claim is that Governor Brown doesn’t have the right to close private businesses that can operate safely.

OSHA has closed her case, however, deeming the salon as a “hazardous facility.” Graham considers this to be another way in which the governor has chosen to terrorize her.

Claims like this are happening in states around the country, though it seems to be more prominent in the Democratic ones – Oregon, California, Michigan, New York – and the list goes on. So terrorizing Americans has become the way that the Democratic Party is going to handle the pandemic. We should all be terrified at this point.