Dem Spends Campaign Cash on Limos and Booze…Sounds Like He Could Be Hunter’s BFF


Dems love to spend other people’s money. And some love to go on bingers. It appears that one Democrat has learned from the president’s son. Could it be that Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden are BFFs?

While Swalwell may not be ready to do lines with the president’s son just yet, it does appear that he’ll be ready soon.

The Representative from California has been spending thousands of dollars in campaign cash on everything from alcohol to limousine services. Additionally, he has been spending tens of thousands at a luxury hotel – the same hotel where his wife works.

In the second quarter of 2021, tens of thousands have been spent from the Swalwell campaign according to the filings to the Federal Election Commission.

People who contribute to the Swalwell campaign would probably like to know how he’s spending his money. Clearly, limos, high-end restaurants, and alcohol delivery aren’t critical to getting re-elected. He’s just enjoying himself…

The campaign cash was used for Swalwell to take 26 rides in various limo and luxury car services that cost over $10,000. It appears that the Democrat may have forgotten how to drive. Considering his salary, he should have quite a nice vehicle in his driveway.

Another $26,000 was spent on luxury hotels. Is Swalwell doing a lot of traveling for his campaign? Not exactly. It seems that he just needed a few days to recharge – and where better to do it than the Ritz Carlton and Half Moon Bay? A quick glimpse at Swalwell’s wife’s LinkedIn profile will show that she’s been the director of sales there since 2015.

Oh, and to ensure that Swalwell is well-hydrated, he also spent $566 on “food and beverage” with Drizly. Anyone familiar with that platform, however, will know that it is all about delivering alcohol – and he spent that money across nine separate orders.

Swalwell may have a bit of a drinking problem – that is unless he’s using all of this alcohol to entertain various individuals that will help with his campaign. He spent $1151 on “Refreshments” at Capitol Hill Wine & Spirits across seven trips. This is the liquor store close to the U.S. Capitol – and it would only be about nine minutes by foot from his office.

Another $4400 was spent on “catering” and “refreshments” at two California wineries. Now, that kind of cash could have easily been explained as a campaign event. However, the liquor store and liquor deliveries are likely not campaign-related. He just wanted a drink and thought that it would be nice if the campaign picked up the costs. After all, his salary of $174,000 as a House Representative may be causing him to get a bit thrifty. No one expects him to eat regular meals and pay for it out of his pocket, right? That would also explain why the FEC’s records show that the campaign picked up the tab on 13 in-person meals at some of the best high-end eateries in DC and around the country – totaling around $7,000.

The Democrats, including Swalwell, should focus more on helping the government than helping themselves to money that really doesn’t belong to them.

Yet, it seems like we’re preaching to the chorus. After all, Swalwell and his wife are just one of the many House Dems that recently took an all-expenses-paid trip to Qatar, all paid for by the U.S.-Qatar Business Council. It’s good to be a shady politician, isn’t it?