Delusional Pelosi Calls Trump/Pence “Enemies of the State”


This is not a mere slip of the tongue and it is not evidence of a “bad temper”. Nancy Pelosi did not speak out of some sense of misguided bravado. She doesn’t regret a single word that came out of her mouth. In fact, she’s so happy with what she said, she shared her own version of the titular clip on her personal Twitter feed.

So what did she say that upset so many Americans? It probably won’t shock you to learn that she took direct aim at President Trump and Vice President Pence. The Speaker of the House loves talking about the president and she’ll blather on about him as long as there’s a microphone within earshot. It does not matter if her words are true or not.

Pelosi labors under the delusion that she can put any sort of dent in the president and it’s funny to watch. Even when she tries to play Trump’s game and come up with a hurtful nickname, she falls terribly flat. This is the same woman who came up with “Mr. Make Matters Worse”. It’s not that she’s so mouthy, its that she’s so smug about it.

There are lot of Americans who are wondering if the country is going to look the same once November rolls around. Pelosi is not there to offer reassurance, though. She’d rather play her usual fear monger role. In this latest clip, she’s doing everything short of directly accusing the president of treason.

While Trump is typically regarded as a loose cannon who is liable to say anything, Pelosi has managed to escape that label. Perhaps people are too afraid to criticize a Democrat? Either way, she deserves all of the same scorn that the president gets. She just says whatever pops into her head at that time and doesn’t think twice about it.

When she sat down for a discussion with Jake Tapper, she was asked the question that seems to be on everyone’s minds at the moment. Does she think that she will be able to accept the results of the election if Trump is not voted out in November? “Of course,” Pelosi replied. That should have been the end of it but as always, she had more to say.

She talked about Trump’s attempts at shutting down mail in voting fraud by tampering with the United States Postal Service, referring to the president (and vice president) as enemies of the state. Even MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin could not contain his shock, muttering “wow” as Pelosi dropped that bomb.

Pelosi is nothing if not a strategist. We’d be willing to bet that she’s seen data about the attacks on the post office and how they are helping the Democrats. This is clearly an attempt at goading Trump into further attacks. By turning the volume on this conversation up to 11, she is hoping to paint him in a negative light. It’s a bit different from the petty insults she normally indulges in.

Whether she’s referring to the president as “morbidly obese” or referring to COVID-19 as the “Trump virus”, she’s always full of commentary. This is not the same. She’s losing her mind and we can’t figure out where things started to slip. When she wasn’t willing to go after Trump over the Russian “scandal”, she made herself look somewhat sane but all of that is over with now. She’s gone from wanting to win the good old fashioned way to not caring if she cheats.

The country is going to struggle to survive the election at this rate. Trump is looking to strip the results of their legitimacy now because he is terrified that he is about to lose. The Democrats are doing their best to cheat because they are scared of what will happen if they lose. Neither side has been able to produce any evidence that backs up their paranoia and America is in need of prayer. This election is going to be a doozy and a half.