Delusional and Dangerous! After 54 Were Shot in Chicago This Weekend Alone Lightfoot Praises Herself for Progress


We’re going to start by offering up a closer look at what is happening in the city of Chicago right now. We are not going to lead with Lori Lightfoot’s insane commentary because we want readers to have a true depiction of what is going on at the moment. Anyone who cannot see through this is just as delusional as she is.

Before we get to Lori’s latest bit of insanity, here’s a report from the local ABC affiliate in Chicago about the massive amounts of violence that erupted in the city over the weekend:

“There have been at least 54 people shot, five fatally, in shootings across Chicago since Friday night. A woman was also fatally stabbed on Wacker Drive in the Loop.

In the most recent fatal attack, a man was shot dead while driving in Humboldt Park early Sunday.

The 21-year-old was driving a Jeep about 1:40 a.m. in the 3100-block of West Augusta Boulevard when a car pulled up next to him and someone inside fired shots, Chicago police said.

The man was shot in the head, police said. A passenger in the Jeep drove him to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

Sadly, one of the murders was actually caught on tape. During the Puerto Rican Day Parade, tragedy struck. A minor accident took place and this led to extreme violence. 24-year-old Gyovanny Arzuaga was killed after being dragged from the vehicle along with his girlfriend.

The young man was a father of two and now these children will be growing up without a parent, all over a minor traffic accident. This is what America has become under Joe Biden. The mainstream media does not tell the truth about what happens in these cities and that’s why it only gets worse.

If people know that they can do whatever they like, without any criticism, this will only cause more violence. To make matters worse, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is determined to downplay the issues. This is particularly galling to read:

“The reality is June over June, we’re seeing a downward trend in both homicides and shootings,” Mayor Lightfoot said…

There were seven fewer murders this Father’s Day weekend compared to last year and 24 fewer shooting victims, according to Chicago police.

“We’re seeing a downward trajectory where other cities are continuing to see a climb. Now, I’m the first to tell you that’s cold comfort to a single person that’s been shot, a single person who’s been killed,” Lightfoot said…

Although the violence makes people feel less safe, Superintendent Brown insists violence is down.”

Sure, their figures might seem accurate but guess what? They are also more than a bit misleading. Yes, murders are down on a week-to-week basis but the 4% figure that has been quoted is a bit of a misnomer. During this time of year last year, there were 27 murders for the week. This week, there were 26. It’s not exactly something that we would be shouting from the mountaintops.

Chicago is doing what so many other liberal cities will do when they find themselves in this sort of position. They are going to lie and fudge the numbers in whatever direction that they have to and they do not care who knows it. Lightfoot loves firing off her delusional ramblings because she knows that the mainstream media does not want to call her out on it. It’s the same story that we see in all of the Democrat-led cities.

It all starts with Joe Biden as well. He’s the one who has made it impossible for the mainstream media to critique any aspect of the current wave of violence. If something happens that they are able to use to fuel whatever narrative that they are trying to further at the time? That’s when they are ready to come out and let the world know that they are against the violence. It’s too little, too late.