Defeat Admitted by Biden on Key Campaign Promise


There are some significant differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. These differences will mean the difference between which one of the two will make the better president. And so far, Donald Trump has already won.

Of all the things required of the president, there is nothing more important than he is a man of his word. Donald Trump was a man of his word. Everything that he promised to do in 2016 was done over the course of the next four years.

The Democrats hated this important trait in Donald Trump. They saw him as a man who made them look bad because they all were liars, and he was set to expose them as the frauds they are.

From day one, they fought him on every issue that he dealt with. When the southern border needed protection, they tried to drain the funds away from the project so he could not protect Americans. When he tried to make cheating countries deal more fairly with the United States, the Democrats cried the entire way through the process, claiming that it was not fair.

And yet, through all the terror that the liberals threw his way, Donald Trump was true to his word. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, a man in the Oval Office loved the people more than making another quick dollar.

Joe Biden knew from the start that he would never rise to Donald Trump’s level for the Oval Office. His hatred for the man has led to him trying to erase the achievements of the man. And now that Biden is sitting in the office, he is finding it harder to beat Donald Trump than ever before.

Biden made a promise that he would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. His campaign promises centered around giving socialists what they wanted. But now that it has been a few weeks in Trump’s rightful chair, he is going back on that promise and telling people that it is going to take some time.

A federal minimum wage of $15 per hour will destroy businesses and cause massive inflation. Biden is coming out and telling people that he will have to put the matter on hold until some other things can be worked out. His words are a fancy way of telling everyone that he has no intention of following through on his promise.

Biden has come to realize that he cannot just executively order such changes. That change has to be put through the House and Senate before it can make its way to his hijacked desk.

The reason that Biden gives for going back on his promise is that COVID-19 takes priority. He cannot justify a $1.9 trillion hike in the national debt and raise the minimum wage to such an extreme amount. Once again, the nasty liberals are using the coronavirus to hide their illegal decisions.

The package that they want to pass is highly questionable. The Republicans cannot justify wording the bill as economic relief when the economy is still benefiting from Donald Trump’s policies. Orders that Biden wants to kill.

Biden admitted that “I put it in but I don’t think its going to survive. My guess is it will not be in [the final stimulus bill].”

Not only do his words prove he cannot do what he promised. But they also show that they are hiding socialist agenda items in a bill that should only be about economic relief.

Biden has realized that things are standing in his way that is making his job next to impossible to accomplish. Aside from his dementia, he has to deal with procedures and laws that keep him from just passing whatever he wants.

Biden tried to save face by saying, “I’m prepared as the president of the United States on a separate negotiation on minimum wage to work my way up from what it is now. No one should work 40 hours a week and live below the poverty wage and you’re making less than $15 an hour, you’re living below the poverty wage.”

But in the end, no one will believe him because he has already lied too many times regarding so many other issues.