Cuomo Makes Statement of Death and Expects to Be Honored for It


Andrew Cuomo is quickly becoming known as the deadly Democrat who hates life. His approach to the COVID-19 virus has been anything but helpful. More people died needless deaths at his hand because of the nasty policies and rules that he put on people.

He deliberately ignored the science and recommendations from health care officials that pointed out that lockdowns were more dangerous than letting the virus run its course.

The destructive and hateful things that Cuomo says get on the nerves of all New Yorkers. The problem is that many of them do not know what he says because the media buries what he says.

Places such as CNN, MSNBC, TNYT, and the Washington Post work for the liberals and will do what they can to keep the Democrats from putting their feet into their mouths.

Cuomo is not just another liberal trying to find his way in life. He is more committed to taking lives than protecting them. As COVID-19 moved through New York, the slimy Cuomo decided to flood nursing homes with infected patients. This led to thousands of the elderly getting sick and dying because Cuomo purposely infected them all.

Other liberals praised his order to pack nursing homes as a strategic way of keeping hospitals open. The most vulnerable people in the state could not even trust their own governor with their safety. They were betrayed and left to die in their beds.

Cuomo makes statements that lead to death and believes that people should honor and glory for his words. But in reality, he should be held accountable for what he says and has done to innocent people.

The order to let infected people walk into a safe place for the elderly is merely notorious. Just about every nursing home will not let people with colds into the buildings because of the cold’s infectious nature and the frailness of the people residing there.

But Cuomo does not care. His mission is to purge the elderly and to justify himself in the process.

Thousands of patients in nursing homes have died because of COVID-19 and to deliberately infect them is beyond reason. But Cuomo is not finished as he continues to open his mouth and sentence people to an untimely death.

The vaccine has hit the streets and is being regulated by so-called officials. Cuomo is a micromanager that must have his deathly touch on everything that happens in his liberal utopia. When the time came to distribute the vaccine, he tightened it down so badly that the effort fell apart.

Cuomo has his eyes on the White House, so he makes decisions that will hopefully gain him favor with liberal voters. But many of those people have lost loved ones because of his lack of care and lying words.

In an effort to distance himself from orders that he gave, he states that “incompetence government kills people.” The statement is the perfect description of himself and the way he rules. His attempt to manage the distribution of the vaccine has led to drug addicts being inoculated first.

The elderly have been neglected again under his tenure. The sad fact about Cuomo is that he let people die that should have never been exposed. And he let die people that should have been given the vaccine first. But his political career is more important to him than life itself.

His type of government is the incompetent kind that he says kills people.

Cuomo believes that his actions are righteous enough to warrant a high position of power. The media covers his mistakes and even praises him for them. In his twisted universe, he believes that he is a God that cannot do anything wrong.

Every time he is questioned about the murders he is responsible for, he finds a way to duck the question or blame someone else. But actions speak louder than his words.

And his mismanagement of the vaccine is more proof that he is a killer by the way he rules and tries to reign supreme in New York.