COVID-19 Deaths Fall Dramatically Because of Trump Measures Over Pandemic


The Democrats are losing their grip over the American people one day at a time. COVID-19 related infections and deaths continue to drop all over the country at astounding rates. Two new reports, both of which have been peer-reviewed, have been published showing this dramatic decrease. And yet, with all the evidence of things returning to normal, the Democrats continue to push their lockdown measures so close to November 3.

They are quick to place blame on the president for things that seem to have gone wrong. They blame him for not acting soon enough. And yet he was the first in government to take action. They try and blame him for not taking more robust measures to contain the virus. And yet he was the first to close the borders and recommend social distancing.

The Democrats will find just about anything to complain about as long as it serves their purpose. President Trump made the decisions that many others would have kept from making. He made decisions that were not popular because it was the right thing to do. He does not care about popularity. He is more interested in doing what is best for the country because he was voted on to serve in that capacity.

The patients that have been treated in the NYU health system had a 25 percent chance of dying when the pandemic first started. But now it has dropped to just over 7 percent. And the reasons why the percentage has come down has been cited to be the actions taken by the president at the first of the year.

The report shows that knowledge was an essential part, lower hospital admittance, new treatment options made available, early intervention, public education, and social distancing. These are all the things, plus more than the president pushed hard to get people to do. While all along the path to beating the virus, the Democrats, fought the president and commented that he was doing a terrible job.

President Trump has also been promoting a vaccine that is almost ready. He has been open and honest with people. He gives hope to those that are fighting for their lives. He gives resources to the doctors and labs around the clock to eradicate COVID-19 once and for all.

The rate of death has fallen off in the past weeks by over 20 percent all around the nation. Even in other areas of the world where cases are still breaking out, the death rate is dropping. It is not proving to be the big killer the Democrats hoped it would be.

The virus is a serious issue, but the president has opened up the healthcare world to be able to fight it effectively. And now the fruit of his labor is being realized by all people around the country. Every single reason was given for the drop so far has been linked to the way the president has handled COVID-19.

The Democrats continue to say that the virus is still a threat. And that comment is not entirely wrong. Where they get the facts wrong is how to handle the virus. They push for lockdowns, which are now not recommended by the CDC or WHO.

President Trump is pushing to reopen the country, which draws criticism from the loony left. They know that once the country opens, their chances at a win in November are gone. President Trump will win on the basis that he was right all along regarding COVID-19 and how to handle the virus.

So much has changed with how the virus was first handled. The constant chance of rules pushed by the fearful Democrats has only muddied the waters. The president has been honest and open with truthful information all along the path to beating the virus. He is the only one that can be trusted to tell the truth.

The president has no motive to lie to the people. The Democrats have every reason to lie to everyone because they have to lie to cover up their previous lies. The people voted on a man in 2016 that could not be controlled by the nasty liberals. President Trump has done a great job of living up to that expectation and making America great again.