Cops and First Responders Are Loved In Florida as They Get Royal Treatment and Funding


Ron DeSantis continues to defy all odds as he makes decisions that are spot on. He has stood against the Democrat’s pandemic fear pushing and even protected Floridians from Joe Biden and his lustful passions for power. But with all the external pressures that DeSantis is facing, he has not forgotten to take care of matters at home.

The pandemic caused a lot of hardship for a lot of people. In some fields of employment, people were called on to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect people and keep the liberals from taking too much power.

All over the country, law enforcement officers and emergency services were put to the test as they had to respond to fear and navigate new rules that were pushed out in various stages. And these heroes navigated the new path of ordinary; they were treated horribly by the Democrats and with honor by the Republicans.

The Floridian governor decided to take the issue one step further and honor the men and women that put their safety on the line every day. He knows that these people have gone above the call of duty to keep people safe and healthy through the darkest months of the past year.

DeSantis is a heavy favorite for the 2024 presidential election. If he were to decide to run for the presidential office, he would put the liberals to shame every time they confronted him. His decision to honor the men and women in Florida for their service has helped him take more steps forward in his political career.

Florida has over 174,000 first responders. This count encompasses law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s and firefighters. These people will find an enormous thank you bonus of $1,000 for their service and hard work over the past 18 months.

His decision to support public servants flies in the face of the Democratic Party that has put these people under their boot and has treated them with contempt. Police officers in liberal states have deemed the criminals, while the criminals are supported as the heroes for standing up to law enforcement.

DeSantis is a powerful force in the Republican Party. He has stood against the flow to remove funding for the police and the demolition of all law enforcement entities by the liberals. He has never once signed up to follow the wacky policies of Joe Biden and his sinful administration.

Liberals all over the country want to destroy the legal system and stack the courts with liberal judges. The decision to kill off all the protections that keep Americans safe and secure is the first step to pulling the country into a socialist realm.

DeSantis put out a memo that stated, “The authorization comes following the Governor’s call for the bonuses in March, with the bonuses included in the 2021-22 state budget. While the budget is not yet signed, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is working to immediately implement this bonus program, expediting the distribution effort. Approximately $208 million has been allocated from DEO for over 174,000 first responders across the state, including 49,405 sworn law enforcement officers, 40,732 EMTs, 35,811 firefighters and 33,185 paramedics in Florida.”

The decision to stand up for America is not popular with the Democrats as they seek to put legal citizens under the boot of illegal immigrants. The liberals want Americans to hand over their money and their goods to these people. But Republicans such as DeSantis are not allowing it to happen.

He has continued to state that “Supporting our law enforcement and first responders has been a top priority for my administration, and it has never been more important than over the last year. As a state, we are grateful for their continued service to our communities. This one-time bonus is a small token of appreciation, but we can never go far enough to express our gratitude for their selflessness.”

His methods of doing what is right continuing to help him win against the liberals. They cannot seem to stop the force that is coming out of Florida. DeSantis and his staff are the force that will change America back into a country that stands for what is right.