Communist Invasion Underway as Socialist Target Democratic Seats


Socialists in America were just waiting for the chance to push their new third party into center stage within the Democratic Party. The parent party is seeing itself be turned inside out by the younger generation that has bought into the lie that liberalism is the way to live.

They relish the idea of taking what does not belong to them and handing it out to worthless, lazy people that cannot make life happen for themselves.

The 2022 midterm election is the focus at the heart of the socialist party. They know that their numbers are not strong enough to defeat the Republicans, so they have targeted their own base. They want to take down the moderates within their own party.

At the very heart of the movement is none other than the witchy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Two of her former staff members set out on a crusade to start a movement to begin the process of overthrowing the established base within liberalism.

Saikat Chakrabarti and Corbin Trent are the two socialists who look to create trouble. The liar AOC and others within the socialist network owe a big thanks to these people for getting them elected.

At least, that is what they are telling people.

The assault is destined to take place over the next several years. The more these nasty communists take on the Democrats, the more ground they stand to gain. They tell their base that something new needs to happen.

And since the liberal educational system brainwashes the young people, that base buys into every single promise.

One media source determined that “these two organizations teamed up to primary sitting Congress members with more progressive candidates. They also picked up a few existing members who had been elected previously. They were successful in surprising incumbents in deep blue districts who did not take them seriously. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted at the time, in the districts where these candidates ran, a glass of water with a ‘D’ on it could win. They are not the candidates who earned Democrats the House majority. In fact, credit is given to their radical rhetoric for Democrat losses in the House in the 2020 cycle.”

The lazy Democratic Party let their guard down and got bit in the last election cycle. But this is a consequence that the Democrats have had coming for some time. They teach kids that they are no better than bugs and that it is ok to riot and loot. And now that those kids are adults, they are buying into the extreme socialist mindset.

The socialists want to see a $15 minimum wage and some kind of green deal that would destroy American business. They relish the idea of free education and free healthcare. All of which they blindly believe can happen without financial backing.

The sad part about their entire attack is that the media is helping them. Trent stated that his group is putting a lot of pressure on Democrats to pass socially loaded bills. He stated that “We’d been running ads to pressure them to do the right thing,” he noted. “Manchin moved a little. But we don’t have time to screw around.”

He went on to boast that “Democrats have a couple years, max, to improve the lives of the American people. If they blow it, Republicans take back over, and then we’ll get another Trumper back in the White House – maybe Trump himself.”

Trent just stated what Americans wanted in the first place. They wanted Donald Trump and not the crazy Joe Biden.

Trent is fearful because, as he points out, “Senators like Sinema and Manchin seem to think we need more talk and less action in the Senate. If they are dictating the agenda it’ll be hard to hold on to the majority.”

The socialist movement in America is targeting people that they should be working with. But they know that no person in their right mind is ever going to vote for them. So, they have to trick liberal votes that what they have is worth voting for.

After all, the Democratic voting base does not know any better. They blindly vote as their king and queens tell them to vote.