College Adds Soros-Funded Course on How to Sell Ultra-Left Political Schemes


Exactly what kind of degree would you be seeking when you take a class entitled “Abolishing Prisons and the Police?” This is one of the most liberal courses to ever be offered – and it’s being offered at Bard College, a small private college in New York.

Bard College recently received a $500 million donation from George Soros, the infamous leftist billionaire. The course that’s being offered as a result of his donation will teach students how to “sell” the liberal concept of abolishing both the police and prisons.

Why does any student need to learn how to do this? And why should they be paying for such a class as part of their education?

The Scholar-in-Residence in the Human Rights Project at Bard, Kwame Holmes, is the one scheduled to teach the course. He has been heavily involved in black queer studies and the emotional politics that surround inequality and urban development.

The course description is truly terrifying. They want students to imagine a world without prisons. They want to look at the abolition of various concepts – slavery, the death penalty, abortion, and gay conversion therapy, to name a few. They want to seek an “absolute end to sources of human suffering” – and apparently, prison is a source of human suffering, too.

When such a political scheme enters higher education, it’s worth noting. It’s as if the liberals need a way to get their death grip on the younger population. They need to provide a way to brainwash the younger generation.

By offering such a class, it’s a way to teach the liberal concept that the police and prisons are bad. Why should we have to imprison those who break the law? Why do we need the police to intervene when a crime has been committed?

The ultra-liberal class is eager to show that there is a way to live that doesn’t involve holding people accountable for the crimes that they commit. They don’t care about creating safe communities. Instead, they simply want to make it easier for people to commit crimes without any kind of “human suffering.”

According to Holmes in an op-ed that he wrote, he encouraged the creation of “neighborhood pods” as opposed to using police forces. It would involve a social contract within a neighborhood so that resources could be pooled. If a car is vandalized, rideshare would be offered. If a home were broken into, resources would be pooled to replace what was stolen. As he explains, it would be an agreement not to call the police “refusing to absolve themselves of the responsibility to resolve conflict among themselves.”

This is great…in theory. However, the neighborhood pods assume that the crimes are never going to be too severe. What happens when one of these neighborhood pods exists in Chicago and someone is shot to death? It’s hard to pool neighborhood resources to fix such a problem. And why should the murderer be absolved of the crime that was committed?

The course is only one of many that the college will be offering as part of the Bard Center for the Study of Hate. They want to offer courses that allow students to study “human hatred” and the ways in which to combat that hate.

So, coming to a liberal school near you, students can learn how to become an ultra-liberal. They might as well start titling the courses “How to Destroy America 101.”