Christmas Tree Farms Benefit as Americans Seek Joy Around Pandemic


The Democrats have tried to take away Thanksgiving. Now, they want to take away Christmas. All Americans around the country want is a sense of normalcy with the pandemic in place. So many plans have been canceled due to COVID-19. In an attempt to find a new “normal” many people are heading to Christmas tree farms.

There’s nothing quite like a real tree. There’s the unique shape, the smell, and even the dropping needles.

Over the past few years, the fanciness offered by artificial trees has caused many tree farms to close. It’s hard for the farms to compete with things like pre-lit trees, LED lights set to music, and even flocking in various colors.

However, 2020 has proven that it’s important to expect the unexpected.

New traditions are being made, and that means heading to the tree tents and the farms to pick out a tree. Kids and adults alike can scour the tree lots, donned in masks, of course, to find the “perfect tree” for the holidays.

In certain parts of the country, people can even go to farms where they can choose and cut their own tree as opposed to getting a pre-cut one.

People want a space that doesn’t remind them of the pandemic. With so many people having to work among the sick, having the home decorated with a live tree can offer at least some joy.

In a typical year, many people wait until mid-December to put up their trees. Not in 2020. Now, many people are choosing to get their trees and decorate them early. Many have even decided that it was necessary to deck the halls even before Thanksgiving.

The Christmas tree industry has been thriving this year. They expected to take a hit like so many other industries because of the pandemic. They received a Christmas miracle instead. There’s strong demand from coast to coast.

There are also many tree farms and local purveyors that have decided to take a new approach to Christmas tree shopping. They’re allowing people to come in and tag the tree they want. Then, people can go home and wait for the tree to be delivered. Others are offering an online shopping experience with home delivery.

McKenzie Cook, one responsible for shopping close to two million trees a year from farms in Oregon and North Carolina, have said that they’ve noticed the season to be running approximately seven days ahead of what they’re used to. They’ve seen demand like never before – and it’s because people want to guarantee that they’ll find joy within the holiday season.

So many holiday plans and trips are canceled. Office parties have gone virtual. With so many changes to what Christmas looks like, people are choosing to keep their artificial trees in the attic in search of a real tree.

There’s another reason why the real tree is becoming more popular this year – people will be home to water it. Many choose artificial trees because it’s easier to maintain when they’re traveling around the holidays. However, as the CDC recommends to limit travel, families who have chosen to shelter-in-place can make some new holiday memories.

And if anyone needs another reason to shop for a real tree, the Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s executive director, Marsha Gray, reminds us that fresh-cut trees are displayed mostly outside. This means that there’s a lower risk of the virus spreading when people shop for real trees than inside where all of the artificial ones lie in boxes.

Apparently, the industry’s slogan, launched in 2018 of “It’s Christmas. Keep it real!” is really working.

Many millennials were raised on artificial trees. They’re nervous about what to do with a real tree. Well, the good news is that YouTube is around to provide pointers for any concerns that people may have.

It seems that Americans have decided that real is the way to go. If it brings a bit of added joy during the Christmas season, that’s all the more reason to make the shift away from the artificial trees.