China Rejects Vaccine Passports as Too Fascist, Biden Pushes Ahead Anyways – Oh the Irony


The US Army is moving forward with mandatory vaccination plans for our nation’s brave servicemen and women. Commands are being directed to start administering the shots as early as September and of course, this is going to cause a number of issues. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which cares very little about the actual welfare of children, is going to be forcing children to mask up at school in the fall.

Meanwhile, China has decided against these types of tactics. They are not going to be forcing their citizens to get vaccinated for any reason. Meanwhile, this is the country that is referred to as fascist. The United States’ policies are now making China seem tolerant. The Global Times has more on this bizarre juxtaposition:

“China’s top health commission said they have noticed the local regulations issued by some cities that ban residents who haven’t received COVID-19 vaccine shots from entering some key public venues, stressing that the commission has stepped in and made further guidance.

“Informed, consented and voluntary” are the basic principles for the inoculation program of COVID-19 vaccines, the center for disease control and prevention under the National Health Commission said.

According to China’s Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, people without contraindications who are within the acceptable age to receive the vaccine should be vaccinated as much as possible.

Recently, local governments of several cities have issued rules saying unvaccinated people will be prohibited from entering public venues such as hospitals and supermarkets.”

We knew it was only a matter of time before Biden and company got to be too big for their britches. It is one thing to offer up vaccinations to those who want them and it is quite another to force them upon those who have expressed their own reservations.

Treating our nation’s soldiers this way does not sit well with us but that’s how it goes when Democrats are in control. These are the same people who were more than fine with watching Colin Kaepernick disrespect the troops as well. How much more nonsense are they going to be feeding us?

Doctors everywhere have offered up their reservations about heart troubles and infertility issues but that does not matter to any of them. The Democrats are all about trusting the science when it suits them but as soon as any medical personnel disagrees with them, they are changing their tune.

The people who do not want to get vaccinated are not punching bags for the liberal elite. They are real human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own, people who have done their own research on the topic. Instead of trying to come together and have an open conversation, the lines have been drawn in the sand.

If you do not want to get vaccinated, it does not matter what your reasoning is. You are not going to be able to live and work comfortably in America. Even our nation’s soldiers cannot seem to avoid such a fate. We cannot wait for the class-action lawsuit that is going to be filed by all of the soldiers who are going to be saying no to this insane initiative.

Those who want to see more long-term data are not going to be placated until that day arrives and that’s something that this government refuses to see. They are so hellbent on adhering to an imaginary timeline that was established by Joe Biden that they are not listening to logic or reason.

Biden’s timeline for vaccination rates has come and gone. The nation as a whole is still under 50 percent. If half of the people who live in America are not willing to get the vaccinations, this speaks to a far greater issue that is not being addressed. Why would any president make villains out of 50 percent of the country? That’s what happens when you know that you can steal an election and that the will of the people does not matter.