China Meddling With DNA to Enhance Their Military


China is a significant threat to the security of the United States and a massive plague on the rest of the world. The Chinese people are the victims of a handful of communist leaders that are destined to destroy the world and their own people. Their thirst for power and global recognition has led to them making gross errors in science vital sectors.

These errors have cost millions of people’s lives, and there is nothing to gain by the work. The Director of National Intelligence is John Ratcliffe. He has come out and stated that “the intelligence doesn’t lie.” China is a threat, and people better start paying attention before it is all too late.

Ratcliffe stated with a passion that “No other country has the capability of essentially taking away the American dream and a specific plan to do so. My job is to warn the American people of threats and there is no greater threat than China to America.”

China is diving into things that will have severe repercussions unless someone steps in and stops their rush on science. Learning new things about the world and genetics takes a lot of time. No method or path can get a quick result with research.

But that has not stopped the Chinese government from racing ahead and developing another threat that will be worse than COVID-19. Their last attack on people led to a virus being released that has killed tons of people.

Ratcliffe is quick to point out that the communists are seeking to rush headlong into economic sabotage to copy American companies. They are engaging in activities that are malicious.

And their main effort is causing the Chinese soldier to become a superhuman soldier.

Ratcliffe pointed out that they are engaging in “human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities.” They are seeking to develop the world’s first super-soldier.

What this means for the rest of the world is that the Chinese are experimenting with people genetically. The Nazis did much of the same thing as their mad scientists mangled and mutilated people, all in the name of research. Every one of these people was tried for crimes against humanity.

And it is no difference with what the Chinese are doing right now.

The Chinese military is not seeking to defend the country from invaders. They are looking to start the process of marching across Asia and taking anything and everything that they want for themselves. They are the next evil that is seeking to sweep over the globe.

The Chinese’s goal is to rid the world of a free America and destroy the formidable presence that America has in the world. They want to replace that influence with a demonic form of communism that threatens and forces smaller nations around them to serve and obey the mighty Chinese people.

After all, a genetically engineered soldier will undoubtedly obey orders and not question the ethic behind what they are doing.

Ratcliffe noted that “To dominate militarily, technologically, and economically. They want them to be the largest and they also want them to be the strongest, which is why they’re engaged in…gene editing, literally trying to alter the DNA, experimenting on DNA, to make soldiers, sailors, and airmen stronger and more powerful.”

China already has a two-million-unit force. They do have the population to draw from to form a 100-million-unit army. Genetically enhanced people marching across Asia with the sole purpose of destruction is simply unheard of.

The blinded Joe Biden is not fit to take on such a force. He already has been bought out by them as he alone owes them millions of dollars. There is no stopping them if the liberals control the country.

But with the way things are going for old man Biden, it will just be a matter of time before he has to return to his basement cage. President Trump is the only fit to handle the Chinese on a level they are trying to bring to American shores.