Cartoons Decide They’re Going to Teach Kids About Systemic Racism


Remember when kids could be kids? Now, everything has to be turned into a teaching moment, and the liberals have decided to bypass parents on the most important issues.

Cartoon Network wants to make sure kids understand systemic racism – and they’re committed to battling it themselves.

But…systemic racism doesn’t exist. Right, but try telling that to the liberals.

A public service announcement is designed to teach kids to “see color.” The anti-racism ad is pointless. Most kids will play with other kids without thinking about the color of their skin. Kids, by definition, are anti-racists.

It isn’t until kids get older that their views may change.

Let’s remember that keyword – “may.” There’s no guarantee that a white child will grow up to be a racist adult. Similarly, there’s no guarantee that a black child won’t grow up to be racist.

Because, yes, people of all colors can be racist.

The PSA on the Cartoon Network involves three characters – a black child, a white child, and a purple alien. They start to sing that “colorblindness is our game because everyone’s the same.”

True. All kids are the same, regardless of color.

Oh, not anymore. The purple alien stops the song by demanding to know who wrote it. He feels that it matters that he’s purple because he’s “literally an alien.”

The black child points out that it matters that he’s black, too. Not to be outdone, the white child chimes in that it makes a difference that they’re white because “I know the two of us get treated very differently.”

Watch the full commercial here.

Is that really the case? All across America? Are people really treating a 5-year-old white boy and a 5-year-old black boy differently inside of the same community?

While many of the liberals would argue that, yes, they are being treated differently, it’s not reality.

The only thing that the commercial is doing is spreading the propaganda that children (and adults) are being treated differently because of the color of the skin.

When kids see the commercial, they’re not going to learn to see color. They’re going to go to their parents to demand answers. Why does this commercial say this? Why are some kids being treated differently?

These are not questions that an elementary child should be asking. It isn’t a conversation that has to be had. While it is important to address race with children, heavy-duty, politically charged conversations are way above a second grader’s comprehension level.

The Cartoon Network has no right to force such conversations. Not only is the message false and misleading, but it also puts parents into an uncomfortable situation.

The cartoon PSA talks about way too many issues. They’re talking about being “biologically the same” and the “actual racism” that black people are forced to deal with. Whoa.

The liberals that created this PSA have completely skipped over an important aspect of racism. The focus is on anti-black racism. However, racism isn’t just against black people. Black people can exhibit racism toward white people and Latino people and people from other backgrounds, too.

The PSA goes onto say that if you don’t see color, you won’t see the forms of racism.

It’s literally impossible to say that people don’t see color. Of course, you do. It’s what you choose to do with that once it registers in your brain.

Thanks to the liberals, even cartoons aren’t safe anymore. The days of plopping your kids down to watch the Cartoon Network are over because you have no idea what PSA will be shown to them. Oh, and as if the anti-racist ones weren’t bad enough, there’s also one featuring two male characters that talk about marrying each other.

Fantastic. The left has destroyed cartoons. Now, everything has a political slant. Parents have to teach homosexuality and racism to their kids before the cartoons do it for them.