Can’t Miss It! Trump Comments on Biden’s Mental Capacity (Video)


President Trump has been becoming more and more chatty lately and it’s been fun for us. Some might have laughed off him walking into a wedding on the Mar-a-Lago property to speak his mind but let’s face the facts here. Anyone who is having their wedding at Mar-a-Lago is probably more than happy to rub elbows with Trump for a few moments.

We highly doubt that he spoiled their ceremony. In the spirit of honesty and speaking his mind, he headed to Newsmax to talk with Heather Childers. They had a 21 minute sit down and a wide range of interesting topics were covered. As you would have expected, Trump was more than happy to offer a take on the current state of affairs with Major League Baseball.

““I would say boycott baseball, why not? I think what they did was a terrible thing. I think it was a very unfair thing. And they didn’t even know the bill. And, in fact, I think they were aware of the bill as it was going along. Then as soon as Stacie Abrams speaks up they end up folding. And it should be the opposite. We have more people than they do. You know, the people should boycott those companies that are all of a sudden so righteous,” said Trump.

We could not agree more. The GOP has them outnumbered and there’s really no reason to be going along with this. That’s just what the Democrats do. They find a “cause” that makes them look woke and they squeeze it until there is nothing left.

This was good to hear and it offered some reassurance that the GOP is aware of the current situation. At the moment, we are worried and it makes us happy to see that Trump is still taking in everything that is going on. The true crown jewel of this interview is when Childers asked Trump about the clear and obvious mental decline that we are seeing from the current president. We know how much Trump loves to tease his old buddy Sleepy Joe!

“I want to ask you about Biden and foreign policy, a lot of folks questioning his health and issues that he’s had. We didn’t have a press conference until 64 days in. And then we had China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia who have all challenged him from day one. When it comes to foreign policy and what the Biden administration is doing, specifically North Korea, not even taking their phone call…” Childers wondered aloud.

“We had peace. We were going to have total peace in the Middle East. We had the Abraham Accords which were incredible and acknowledged to be incredible. Then, of course, I came up with a vaccine. I pushed people like they never had been pushed before at the end,” Trump replied.

Childers was not done. She decided to get right to the point. “Do you think he is capable of doing the job from what you’ve seen? I mean you had to do the job. You’re working 24 hours a day, people would actually laugh about the fact that you rarely seemed to be ever sleeping, but it does take that kind of initiative and drive to do the job… Do you think he is up for it, or do you think someone else is doing the job right now?”

It’s a good question, for sure. To be perfectly frank, Trump was actually much nicer with his response than we expected him to be. “Well, it does take that kind of drive. It takes strength and enthusiasm and everything you could imagine and the highest levels of every ingredient necessary. When I say full-time, it’s 50 hours a day and you understand what I mean by that. It’s a lot of work. I think other people are making most of the decisions but I may be wrong about that. I don’t know,” he said of Biden.

It took major courage for Childers to ask these questions and we are glad to hear directly from Trump. Be sure to check out the interview in full!