Candace Owens Destroys Cardi B Over Degrading Biden Interview


Candace Owens has found herself deeply entrenched in the world of rap music as of late. Her friendship with Kanye West has raised a lot of eyebrows, as she has been an outspoken advocate for the troubled artist. Of course, the same people who loved him before are no longer fans because of his willingness to support President Trump.

Now, she finds herself embroiled in a feud with Cardi B. The two got into it on Instagram over the weekend and Candace is not even close to being done with the rap starlet. The harsh confrontation caused Cardi to delete her messages and retreat from the conversation entirely. Candace was not satisfied with the destruction that took place this weekend.

On Monday, she continued to take direct aim at the rapper. Owens claims that she is not trying to attack her on a personal level. Her comments were aimed at the Democrats who seem to believe that they are entitled to anything that they ask for. It’s hard to blame a musician for getting swept up in all of their fairy tales.

“I did not mean it as an insult to Cardi B. If anything, it was me calling out the DNC and Democrats for insulting black America for platforming her and her nonsense and her ignorance as someone viable to give a sound interview to Joe Biden. She had no argument and she could not argue with me obviously from an intellectual standpoint.

She is barely literate and she’s offended by me saying that but she’s already proven that I was correct in that assessment by her responses to me. I would challenge Joe Biden to read the lyrics of her song aloud. She says she wants her taxes lowered in the very same breath that she says she wants free universal healthcare for all. It sounded to me like an 8-year-old girl reading a Santa list,” Owens said.

This was her assessment when she spoke to Tucker Carlson and of course, Carlson was fully on board. They believe that the interview was an insult to the black American community and there is something to be said for this. Whether it’s Jay-Z, Beyonce or Cardi B, the Democrats have a troubling history of befriending entertainers in lieu of actually coming up with policies that are helpful to the communities they are pandering to.

Hillary Clinton attempted these types of stunt to get into black America’s good graces and it did not work. They are not going to be impressed because Cardi B had a sit down with Joe Biden. Hillary’s bottle of hot sauce is not about to get people excited to vote. It does not matter if they have an all-star cast of rappers in their corner. It’s about policy and that’s where they continue to lack.

Even Bernie Sanders was not immune to this but his taste in rappers is a bit more sensible. Everyone remembers the lunch that he had with Killer Mike. If the name sounds familiar, that is because he is one of the few rappers that was looking to put a stop to the violent riots. He and T.I. begged the citizens of Atlanta to cease the looting and rioting.

As we all know, those pleas ended up falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is running the same plays from the Hillary handbook but we’re not sure how Cardi B swings the race in one direction or the other. She’s the shiny, new toy for the Democrats this year and they have turned her into a Candace Owens pinata in no time flat.

This is the same party that claims to truly care about non white communities. In reality, they choose the entertainer that they deem to be a representative of that community and they pander accordingly. It didn’t work for Hillary and it is not going to work for Joe Biden.