Canada Ramps up Their War Against Christians – Deploying Over 200 Heavily Armed Troops Against Edmonton Church


They can pretend that this is about the virus but we know better. It is an attack on Christians, plain and simple. GraceLife Church in Edmonton was the site of a horrific recent event, as 200 police officers descended on the facility. Authorities have even put a double-layer fence around the church, since they were not willing to close their doors for the coronavirus.

This all seems a bit much, doesn’t it? The roads to the church were also blocked off as the fence was being put up. “Roads blocked and fences going up around GraceLife Church this morning…” tweeted Kim Smith recently. The churchgoers were not about to be denied and they tore the fence down. The shock troops were deployed soon after and sadness ensued.

It tears us up inside to watch Christians be treated this way because they want to be able to worship as they see fit. “After the Christians tore down the fence that the government had built around the Edmonton church, the police sent in 200 heavily-armed riot police. That’s the church building you see there. This is China stuff, Iran stuff. But it’s happening in Canada,” tweeted Ezra Levant.

It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to watch otherwise normal countries behave in such a manner, especially our neighbors to the north. We never would have expected to see this in Canada but the world is headed in a dangerous direction overall. Those who are religious can count on constant attacks on a regular basis going forward. It is open season on those who love Jesus and God.

The Canadian Christians still showed up to the church this past weekend, despite all of the warnings that were offered up by their callous, cruel government. “A church in Edmonton, Canada wouldn’t obey politicians and lock its doors. So they jailed the pastor for 35 days. The church still wouldn’t close. So police raided it, turned it into an armed garrison & occupied it. And still the Christians come,” Levant continued.

Stories like these leave us with mixed feelings. On one hand, we understand the need for rules and laws during these turbulent times. On the other, now that businesses are starting to open, it is easy to see why Christians feel as if they are being left out of the equation. If people can go shopping again, they should be able to head back to church.

This isn’t rocket science. Christians are sure to continue pushing back against these rules because they are not fair in the slightest. If the Canadian government wants to be taken seriously, they need to start being more consistent with the rules that they are enforcing. Otherwise, stories like these are only going to become more and more commonplace during the months to come.

The summer is going to be a tough time for many of us. People have to be willing to assess their personal risk tolerance and make their own decisions. We are well past the point where the government can simply decide on this for anyone. People, by and large, have done the right thing for the past year or so. Any entity that expects people to continue to forgo every activity that they hold dear for another summer has severe delusions that we cannot help them with.

Think about it this way: if even the churchgoing folks are ready to go against government orders to regain some level of normalcy… does the rest of the population feel? They are going stir crazy, too. When they decide that they are fed up with the current status quo, it might be worse than a church break-in.

This is what the government overreach types have yet to realize. There’s only so much that you can get people to go along with before they finally lose their ability to play nice. It is safe to say that there are a number of government entities that have yet to learn that lesson. Let’s hope that they do not have to learn it the hard way.