Buttigieg Backs Biden’s Infrastructure Plan with Insane Reasoning


Pete Buttigieg wasn’t anyone’s pick for president. And, he’s certainly not winning any bonus points by siding with Biden’s infrastructure plan now as Transportation Secretary. If he could at least come up with a  good reason, we might listen. But, the former mayor from South Bend has insane reasoning that leaves everyone scratching their heads.

“The American Jobs Plan is fully paid for,” Buttigieg explains.

First of all, it’s not. Second of all, just because it’s paid for doesn’t mean that it’s a good plan.

Biden has been launching a number of plans for economic stimulus, infrastructure, climate control, and more. And it seems that each plan is more expensive than the last. The plans are worth billions and trillions of dollars. America simply doesn’t have the money for it all.

At some point, it’s important to look at what is inside of a plan, not whether it is paid for or not.

If the infrastructure plan focused on physical infrastructure, such as bridges and roads, no one would argue. Especially after a bridge crack in Memphis was discovered, many are interested in infrastructure.

There are some major flaws with Biden’s plan, though.

The liberals have decided to redefine “infrastructure” to include childcare and even immigration. And that’s not going to fly because it’s not something that every taxpayer should have to cover.

Meanwhile, Buttigieg is ready to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by saying that the plan is paid for. How? By “asking corporations to pay their fair share.” Hmmm…it’s unlikely that major corporations are going to foot the bill, especially with all of the other trash currently included in the plan. And, if corporations have their taxes raised, layoffs are close behind. We need America to get back to work, not to get laid off.

Buttigieg is actually delusional enough to believe that Biden isn’t going to support a plan where taxes are raised on “ordinary” Americans. ”Ordinary” is one of those other words that liberals have chosen to define. Who knows how much an “ordinary” American has to make in order to free themselves of these taxes.

The Secretary of Transportation also says that there’s no need to tax Americans when there’s another option. He believes that it’s fair to “expect” corporations to pay for it all.

Even if all of the corporations in the country were to agree to a tax hike, there’s still the problem with the plan itself.

Buttigieg thinks that if he talks to the Republicans in the Senate about how the plan is fully paid for, he’ll get everyone connected.

Oh, how naïve he is. When he speaks, it’s easy to see why he didn’t go far in the primaries. Voters could see right through him to see just how inexperienced he is when dealing with the ways of the world.

If we can get the corporations to agree to a tax hike, it’s possible to allocate some of that money better – and that’s the real reason why Republicans aren’t supporting the bill in its current draft. The infrastructure bill is worth $2 trillion.

Out of the $2 trillion, $621 billion will go toward transportation – modernizing roads, public transit, electric vehicles, airports, and so on.

There’s also a lot of money that has no place in the plan. $400 billion will go toward home and community care of the elderly and disabled. $180 billion will go toward research and development for such things as research infrastructure for Historically Black College and Universities and the National Science Foundation. Oh, and $300 billion will go toward manufacturing and labor, including clean technologies, an office for domestic industries, and apprenticeships for people of color.

Buttigieg belongs in this liberal administration because he suffers from the same problem as the rest of them: they just don’t get it. How the infrastructure plan will be paid for is only a small part of the problem. The real problem is that it’s an expensive plan with too much BS inside of it.