Brothers Break Rules as Baby Boy Is Thrown Under Cuomo’s Bus


The crooked weasels are at it again as both Cuomo’s band together to try and beat the system. Chris Cuomo is the sketchy reporter from CNN that is working undercover to advise his murderous brother and his staff on how to deal with the flood issues stemming from Andrew Cuomo sexually harassing women and assaulting several others. And now that his deeds are out in the open, his supporters are demanding his head on a platter.

Chris Cuomo is free to advise because his brother’s actions will not land him in hot water. That fact has only empowered the CNN reporter to vocalize his advice to his brother. The young brother “encouraged his brother to take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor’s office. At one point, [Chris Cuomo] used the phrase ‘cancel culture’ as a reason to hold firm in the face of the allegations, two people present on one call said.”

Chris Cuomo urged his brother to resist and become uncooperative defiantly. He wanted his nasty brother to fight the allegations against him and fight against the women he abused and assaulted.

The younger brother used his position to advise and influence cross lines of interference that he should never have crossed. Reporters are commanded to remain distant from politics so they can report unbiased news. But the media has long forfeited that trademark and now biasedly give opinions that should remain unsaid.

Christ Cuomo tried to make friends with his bosses, but now there is a concern with how CNN looks to the public. The image of CNN has never been favorable as they report lies and fake news from around the world. News that would otherwise favor liberalism.

The media may claim they are unbiased, but when they indicate that Cuomo will get away with breaking the rules, the public’s faith is not being restored. His double standard is a crucial indicator of the corruption within mainline media.

Andrew Cuomo cannot keep his big mouth shut, so he does not get other reporters in trouble. He boldly stated that his brother and others had given him advice on how to beat the system. He stated that “I had conversations with my brother. I always have conversations with my brother because he’s my brother and he’s my best friend.”

He should talk to his brother, but there are some things that one should not talk about with family or friends. The New York governor is facing serious charges that will essentially end his career and will end up putting him in prison for the rest of his natural life.

The woman abuser stated that and obviously, [Chris] was aware of what was going on, and I talked to him about it, and he told me his thoughts. He always tells me his thoughts. Sometimes I follow them; sometimes, I don’t. He was not covering the story. He had recused himself from the story.”

Reporters are not supposed to advise political figures. Breaking the ethics rule should be grounds for dismissal. But CNN loves their Cuomo, so they are going to let him get away with murder. Governor Cuomo is rude and somehow has the ability to get the liberal media to bury stories of his abusive relationships.

One reason for the media’s reluctance to report on the corruption is that the governor threatens people with harm if they speak out against him. He has already tried to silence the women by denying all the allegations and has ever tried to smear their character.

The media seems only able to report on good things about the man. But now that his brother is offering his advice, time will tell if that advice is sound. The scandals just keep mounting against the governor, and the meddlesome actions of the younger brother keep coming to the service. What is painfully evident is that the media controls the governor’s office in New York. They can essentially do what they want because they have his support since they keep the man out of prison for abusing women sexually.