BLM: We’ll Focus on the Non-Issues and Grossly Mislead Everyone


Omission of truth by any other name is a lie. Black Lives Matter is lying to everyone –
about their cause, about what they do, and about what they want for the country.
They’re focusing on a non-issue while allowing bigger problems to slide right by.

No one is saying that black lives don’t matter. They do. Of course they do. All lives
matter, regardless of color.However, Black Lives Matter is operating on a few falsehoods. One, they say that the killers of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were not acting legally in self-defense. There were televised trials to show that the men were not guilty. Even more, Obama’s own Attorney General cleared the officer in the Brown case.

If someone acts in legal self-defense, a life may be lost in the process. The outcome
would have been the same if Brown and Martin were white, Latino, or Asian, too. Self-
defense is self-defense.

Further, BLM says that they believe in the importance of disrupting the “Western-
prescribed nuclear family structure.” This isn’t a “Western-prescribed” – look all over the
world. The “average” family involves a mother and a father raising their children.
However, BLM wants to focus on extended families and, perhaps, the most destructive facet of Black culture – the fatherless family. When there is a fatherless family, it is
linked to higher crime, higher rates of school dropout, higher unemployment, higher
chances of incarceration, and higher rates of suicide.

BLM wants to focus more on the “unwarranted” killing of blacks by police. This is a
ridiculously small percentage in the overall picture of killings happening around the U.S.
If there’s going to be rage, however, BLM needs to look at the statistics.

Based on the number of people shot to death by the police, there have been more white
people shot by the police than black – at almost a rate of 2:1. So, why do black lives
matter more than white ones? This is not a racial statement – it is based on facts.

In 2019, 370 white people were killed by the police. 235 were black. 158 were Hispanic.
Where is the rage for everyone else?

If Black Lives Matter wants to look at an issue and get defensive, they need to go after a
bigger issue. The killing of police is an issue that affects everyone – it’s a non-issue in
comparison to the black on black murders. Oh, and there is a higher rate of murder for
black on white than white on black…but that would require BLM to believe the FBI’s
actual, hard-hitting statistics.

BLM is being denounced by groups all over the country. No one wants to hear about the
organization anymore. They want the police to be defunded. Their way of getting people
to listen is to take an anarchist’s approach with violent sprees across the nation.

How is any of what they’re doing helping black lives? In Minneapolis, black-owned
businesses were being burned to the ground. In Chicago, homeless black people were
violently beaten. In Atlanta, several black children have died from drive-by BLM
protester shootings.

BLM is failing to make their point. If black lives matter, why are so many black lives
being lost or destroyed? Why should anyone care about BLM as an organization? Why
should we as a culture give into the demands of BLM when they have failed to show
how they care about anyone, black or otherwise?

In today’s cancel culture, we have failed. We need to cancel Black Lives Matter
because they’re full of lies. They have made empty promises to the black community.
They promise to support each other in one breath and commit acts of violence against
black communities in the next.

BLM is lying to everyone, and as more black lives are lost, it’s becoming crystal clear
that BLM is out to destroy instead of to help. They’ll be canceled once America finds its
voice again.