BLM Activists Brutally Murder Yet Another Innocent Person in the Name of George Floyd to Intimidate Jurors


The autonomous zones are nothing but an excuse for the local leftists to gather and disregard all laws. George Floyd Square takes up a four-block radius from 37th to 39th Streets South and Columbus and Elliott Avenues East in Minneapolis. Why this has been allowed to persist is beyond us. The area is supposed to serve as a memorial for George Floyd but we doubt that he is looking down happily on what is taking place right now.

A Black Lives Matter activist who is working as a medic for this zone has issued some harrowing reports about what is really going on there. She spoke with the Washington Times and said that she heard a noise that sounded an awful lot like gunfire. “500 gunshots” were the words that she used. The Times also reports that there are no white people being allowed in the autonomous zone.

This zone is going in the same direction as the one that was allowed to persist in Seattle. Seattle Democrats sat idly by and let the zone exist, only stepping in to care when things turned violent. Any pedestrians who arrive at the Minneapolis location are asked to leave immediately. Activist guards are responsible for protecting the area, which sounds like a recipe for disaster.

“The George Floyd memorial is an “autonomous zone” with several blocks controlled by activists. Police don’t even go in. We tried to respectfully get video-but left after two people confronted us near the barricades. Later learned many protestors don’t even feel comfortable there,” tweets Brian Entin. Reports indicate that the shooting took place after an argument between two parties and the assailant fled the scene in a cream-colored Chevrolet Suburban after opening fire. It won’t surprise anyone to learn that the zone has been plagued since its inception.

The vehicle may have also suffered damage of its own from gunshots but the story is still developing. “Officers were met with some interference at the scene,” the police reported. Big surprise there, of course. The victim was taken to a local hospital and died soon after. The suspect is still at large and there is a manhunt taking place at the moment. Police officers cannot even enter the zone and members of the media are not allowed to set foot inside either.

The similarities between this zone and the one in Seattle are too great to ignore. It’s been occupied since the summertime and we cannot believe that they have been able to successfully keep the police out all of this time. There have been lots and lots of tweets about the zone, so we can’t understand how the nation as a whole is not outraged by what is occurring at the moment.

“A walk through George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, starting at the corner store. The zone has been occupied since summer with police & journalists not welcome,” Jeremy Lee Quinn tweeted. Others have made entire threads, showcasing the Speedway convenience store that has become their version of the “Conversation Cafe” that the Seattle autonomous zone created.

The CHAZ zone in Seattle led to five shootings, as well as an assault. This zone has been allowed to exist for months now. How much longer can cops allow their city to be treated this way? Law and order is no longer allowed to rule the day in Biden’s America, that is for sure. Minneapolis’ elected officials had better not expect to be re-elected once all of this nonsense is said and done.