Biden’s War on Americans! Michigan Prosecutor Go After Young Conservative With a Vengeance


This is the story of a 21-year-old man named Lucas Gerhard. He was on the verge of graduating from Lake Superior State University in Sault St. Marie, MI. He studied criminal justice and was looking for a job in law enforcement once he graduated. So why is Lucas now being held captive at his father’s house, clad in an ankle bracelet? Biden’s America, that’s why.

This Eagle Scout does not have a criminal record. This young man was put on trial and treated like a common criminal, though. This is what happens when decisions are made that affect the lives of others, without stopping to consider whether they make any logical sense or not. Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have reported on this trial:

“During his trial, the prosecutor attempted to paint Lucas as a threat to the school community, claiming that he had numerous “contacts” with Law Enforcement at LSSU.

Lucas’s father explained: “The so-called ‘contacts’ were made as a result of more anonymous calls to LSSU public safety, and an incident where Lucas’s car was vandalized and his rear window smashed out! Not a single one of those was what can be considered a negative or derogatory incident. An example of one incident where a call was made was when Lucas was in his OCSO cadet uniform and carrying a bag of police training gear across campus to his communications class where he was giving a speech in law enforcement methods.

The call was made as soon as he exited his dorm. The police were apparently told by the caller that they felt threatened by seeing Lucas when they saw him carrying riot gear. Note that LSSU is a school where a large majority of students are Criminal Justice majors! But Sault St. Marie police officers actually responded and pulled Lucas out of the classroom WHILE HE WAS GIVING HIS SPEECH to question him.

His professor came out and told the officers that Lucas’s speech was pre-approved as well as the props he brought. The report noted that his explanation was accepted and no further action taken. I might add that every other time something like this happened, the result was the same. No action taken, either from Law Enforcement nor the College. The level of harassment Lucas endured there was astonishing.”

This story says a lot about the state of our country. A young man who is studying criminal justice at a college that is primarily known for this course of study should not be subjected to the whims of these types of people. How can anyone feel good about any of this?

There was no crime here. The only “crime” that was committed by this young man was the crime of being young and conservative. If you are young and you are a conservative thinker, you are the enemy, according to the mainstream media. Lucas did not do anything wrong and he is being treated he is the one who needs to be placed on trial. What about the people who smashed out his window?

Lucas posted a Snapchat with the following caption: “Takin this bad boy up. This outta make the snowflakes melt. aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow,” showing a picture of a legally purchased gun. Of course, no one wanted to hear this and he was charged with an actual crime for making this joke with his buddies. “I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe the prosecutor had actually decided to press charges,” Retired Col. Mark Gerhard said.

We cannot begin to imagine how angry this father was. If Lucas was such a threat, why was nothing done until now? A female student who had a bone to pick with him is the one who turned the image over to the police. Lucas spent 83 days in jail and is now stuck at home. No school and no internet allowed! The legal fees are piling up, so please be sure to donate to his Go Fund Me as soon as possible…