Biden’s Wall to Remain in Place Until Imaginary Threats are Removed


Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have singled handily turned Washington D.C. into a place that resembles a warzone. Their hatred for the conservative side of America has driven them to a state of paranoia. They believe that Donald Trump commands a 75-million-man terrorist force that is just waiting for the order to attack the federal government.

Their hatred and fear are the reasons why the National Guard is still staying in the parking garage. And now that they have been told that they will be around for a while, people are looking for ways to minister to them. These men and women are the latest victims of a liberal joke intended to stretch their pain for months to come.

There is absolutely no reason why the National Guard cannot return to their homes. There are needed elsewhere around the country right now, given the terrible weather that is hitting most of the country.

But Biden and Pelosi are so terrified to walk outside that they feel they need the added protection.

All that has been said by these two crazy old people in Washington is that there are threats still lurking in the shadows. That concept is nothing new for politicians. Some of them are frequently under the threat of attack from people that hate them.

But that is still not a reason to barricade oneself in their office for months.

No answers are being issued to the question as to why the Guard is still around. Governors are being ignored, and even Lisa McClain, who is on the House Armed Services Committee, is being left in the dark.

Pelosi is keeping her big mouth shut. And not to forget that $480 million has been spent on the endeavor to barricade the president in his self-made zoo.

Biden also erected his own wall for his protection. A massive chain-link fence with razor wire circles the area.

And to complicate matters, the Democrats got the liberal-run Capitol Police to officially request that the fence remains in place until the fall. The reasoning for their request is to they can track down the so-called threats that the liberals say are lurking in the shadows.

These insane actions by the left are supposedly in response to a few people that decided to storm the Capitol Building weeks ago.

The lies continue to mount. Once the inauguration was over, the fence and Guard were supposed to have been done away with. But then the idea of protection turned into after the impeachment trial.

What the nation has right now is a group of fearful people making up reasons to barricade themselves in their offices.

Their fear might as well be related to the election they stole. They are so fearful that the people are going to find out that they need protection from the consequences of their sins.

Biden’s wall is only a liberal’s copy of the wall that Donald Trump was building at the border. At least that wall has a purpose. Biden’s wall is pointless.

He must think that he needs to protect himself from the illegals that he is illegally letting in the country.

Democrats hate it when Americans need protection, but they have no problem making people pay their part to protect the sorry rears of the liberals robbing the taxpayer.

And the image that Biden is giving to the rest of the world with walled-up buildings and service areas. He must want people to think that America is under some kind of political siege.

There are currently 42 Republicans that are requesting for Nancy Pelosi to tear down Biden’s wall. It is pretty clear that she has forgotten that she left it up.

The letters all stated that “It’s time for healing and it’s time for the removal of the fencing so the nation may move forward.”

Joe Biden is a trip hazard to a lot of people. His wall is keeping people from being able to move around freely, and his policies are messing up the way people make their living. He just cannot seem to get it right with people.