Biden’s VP Will Be Just as Lackluster as He Is


Joe Biden, otherwise known as Mr. Inappropriate, was no one’s idea of a top pick for the Democratic Party. He has a history of touching people inappropriately. He wavers on his beliefs. He has questionable morals. Oh, and he’s suffering from dementia.

Although we’re not supposed to admit to any of this, Biden isn’t the candidate anyone wanted. He’s what the DNC is left with, however.

To pair with the lackluster presidential candidate will be an equally lackluster VP candidate.

The list of contenders is …okay. None of them are ideal, though. If some Americans are going to choose to vote Democratic, and we know that there are some, they know that they need a good VP. With Biden’s age and declining health, it’s very possible that the VP will be running the country within a year. So, the second name on the ballot is critical.

Biden wants someone he can jive with. That means he’s not willing to accept just anyone. “He’s not kidding when he says, ‘I really want someone I’m simpatico with’ — someone he can trust,” is how a close Biden ally put it.

Biden has also been very vocal with saying that he wants a female candidate.

There seems to be a “but” with each of the VP candidates. She’s great, but…she’s got a dark past. She’s great, but…she’s been known to get into fights with Biden on a debate floor. She’s great, but…she can’t get the city of Atlanta under control. The list of “but” candidates is exhausting.

Trump’s ability to win the election hinges on who Biden chooses, too. Biden’s old and he’s not mentally capable of handling the presidency for four years…and so whomever he chooses will be president. For the most part, that’s a “when” not an “if.”

There’s Elizabeth Warren, but she’s so far left that it could do a lot of harm to Biden’s current lead over Trump. It’s why the Biden campaign has chosen to take a “do no harm” approach to choosing a VP. They don’t want to choose a VP that will hurt his current lead.

Makes sense. Can any of the candidates get the job done? It’s questionable. Some have never run for office. Many don’t have experience when it comes to foreign policy.

They may not hurt his lead, but they may not actually get the votes come November, either.

Kamala Harris checks the most boxes, as Biden advisors have gone on record to say. However, Biden wants someone who will be loyal – and many question just how loyal Harris can be.

Biden is in a position where it doesn’t have to be a person who is capable of helping him with politics. He’s been in politics for decades. So, it’s not like the political marriage of Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson where Johnson helped to smooth out the flaws in Kennedy’s record.

Biden wants trust. He wants a relationship. But…there are no candidates who check all the boxes and that he trusts enough to have a solid President/Vice President relationship with.

There’s no clear frontrunner. Since there isn’t a clear candidate, it means that Dems are going to get a candidate who wants to be Biden’s friend instead of being able to run the country. We’re going to get a snowflake who thinks that she can be the person that the United States needs. And, more so, who thinks that she’ll be ready to become #47 when the time comes.

It’s a typical $hit $how for the Dems. They talk big, they get everyone excited, and they fail to deliver – and this time, in epic proportions. The Dems wanted a president who was going to be diverse. They had Latinos, Blacks, and Females running. They’re left with an old white male who has been a career politician. We could hope for a better VP candidate, but we’ve learned not to put too much stock into what Dems are capable of delivering. That’s okay – the defeat on the ballot will just send more votes to Trump in November.