Biden’s Plan for Prosperity? Biden Proposes Massive Tax Hike on Gasoline After Working Hard to Drive up Prices by Over 40%


Biden’s massive infrastructure bill has been a major topic of discussion, as he has been traveling from state to state to speak about it (i.e. talk people into it). Trump supporters greeted him as soon as he arrived in Crystal Lake, though. From there, he went to McHenry County College and gave a passionate speech about the evils of the wealthy.

According to him, the billionaires and the fossil fuel companies are the ones who need to start paying a fair share. There is no mention of how much he or his Democrat buddies are paying, since they are so concerned about these matters all of a sudden. That’s one of the aspects that we would like to see an intrepid reporter take a real stab at.

Biden has plunged us into an energy crisis and it only took him a year. That’s why he’s railing against the made-up boogeymen. That’s all he can do at this point. Even the liberals cannot be pleased by the hike in gas prices that is currently taking place.

It took this man less than a year to destroy our energy independence. Gas prices that were once historically low are now through the roof. All he can do is shake his fist at an imaginary enemy that he cannot (or will not) confront. Can you believe that Sleepy Joe has presided over a gas price hike that has now reached 40%?

In order to keep people’s minds off this, he plans on raising the taxes for the energy companies. We are not sure what this is actually going to accomplish but it makes Biden feel good. Before he took the time to attack the gas companies, he fired off one of his most outlandish claims yet.

He said that he was actually the poorest Senator in all of Congress for nearly 40 years. Sleepy Joe does not realize that we have seen all of the property he’s amassed. For someone who is supposedly so poor, he’s managed to acquire beachfront property. Multi-million dollar homes do not purchase themselves.

Whenever Biden claims that some entity is going to be paying more in taxes, we already know what that means in all reality. It means that we are going to be the ones who are stuck paying them over the long haul. This is all but guaranteed at this point because it is the Democrat way.

They’re like the kids who run for class president and end up telling their classmates that they are going to be able to enjoy pizza parties every week, in addition to all of the school vending machines carrying their favorite sodas. It has to be fun to travel the country and make all sorts of promises that you are never going to deliver on.

We hope that Biden is held liable for all of the damages that he is causing while he is in office, especially since he obtained his post under such fraudulent circumstances. Imagine how much you would be in at work if you managed to usurp the boss and spend all of the company’s money.

The government simply refuses to hold him responsible for anything that he does. When Trump was in office, everyone’s favorite word was accountability. Trump had to be held accountable for this and Trump had to be held accountable for that. Now, no one seems to remember all of that talk. It does not matter to them anymore.

In the meantime, Biden will continue to subject everyone to false promises because that’s all he is good for. He doesn’t have plans, he has pie in the sky dreams. The liberals may be foolish enough to go along with all of this but we are not. We just hope that someone decides to hold him accountable in the same ways that they have demanded for Trump. We are not about to hold our breath, though.