Biden’s Infrastructure Bait and Switch! Biden Declares He’ll Only Sign “Compromise” if ALL of AOC’s Demands Are Met


The GOP is currently working on a deal with Joe Biden and we’re going to be incredibly honest with our readers. We have no earthly idea what they are actually going to be getting out of it. According to the president himself, this deal has been locked into place officially as well. “President Biden announced a bipartisan infrastructure agreement after meeting with Democratic and GOP senators at the White House,” shared the Washington Post.

This is some strange posturing, to be sure. The Republicans could have taken the time to negotiate Biden down. We did not need to approve an infrastructure bill that was this expensive. The bill should have cost much less and came with fewer tax hikes but the GOP did not push hard enough.

There was no worthy compromise here. Biden is trying his best to strong-arm the Republican party into doing his bidding. He’s only going to “compromise” with them if he gets everything that he wants first. However, the Democrats have managed to pull another fast one.

The bill has two parts. One part deals with the infrastructure concerns that Biden wanted to address, like roads and bridges. Unfortunately, they also smuggled a party-line reconciliation bill into the proceedings, which will provide money for all sorts of nebulous Democrat projects. This is defined as “human infrastructure”.

Any spending that does not take place in the infrastructure bill can simply be moved over to the other bill, which is exactly what most of us have feared. Republicans are going to have to sit back and watch the Democrats blow money, while they have no recourse to speak of.

They are pressing the Democrats to stop the spending but right now, these efforts are about as toothless as it gets. The party is now trapped in a financial prison of their own making because they did not push back hard enough. Biden has shown that he is not really willing to work alongside of anyone. He wants to get his way and he will trample on whoever he has to.

The Republicans could have (and should have) pushed for more of the money to be spent on true infrastructure, while making sure that the size of the second part was kept in check. Now, the Democrats will be able to pass any bill that they like and put it under the banner of “human infrastructure”. This is going to happen no matter what now. Biden has made sure of it.

He gave his party the cover that they needed to behave like charlatans and that’s all they require. They can now pretend that they are doing something to enrich America when all they are doing is lining their own pockets. Joe Manchin had to be considered, though. If the other half of the bill was too large, he might get nervous and cause more issues for the Democrats.

They had their own tightrope to walk, that is for sure. That does not mean that their decision-making shouldn’t be picked apart. Biden and Pelosi are both more beholden to someone like Joe Manchin than most liberals would like but that’s the game they are playing. That’s why they have been forced offer up a pretty simple ultimatum on the matter.

Unless both of these bills are able to pass the Senate, they are not going to be moving forward on any sort of reconciliation bill. The whole thing would die on the vine. Manchin then has to go back to his home state of West Virginia and shoulder the blame for allowing the bill to collapse. He’s got his personal and professional calculations to consider here.

“If this is the only thing that comes to me, I’m not signing,” Biden says. He’s made his terms very clear. There is nothing left to do now but wait. In our estimation, the Republicans have decided that it is in their best interests to make a deal with Biden to help their midterm chances. Only time will tell if they are correct about this assessment.