Biden’s Cronyism! Chinese Puppet Hunter Biden to Teach “Fake News” at Tulane University


This is one of those stories where you read the headline and you start laughing before you have even taken a closer look. Hunter Biden teaching a class is one of the funniest things that we have heard about in some time. If you cannot join us in laughing at this one, we fear that your sense of humor might be broken.

So what is Hunter going to be teaching these students? No, the class is not going to be called How To Smoke Crack 101, as far as we know. In reality, the class is going to focus on fake news. This is the part where some readers might be asking themselves about his qualifications.

While Hunter has a Yale education and has used his father’s political connections, he does not have any teaching experience to speak of. He’s never worked as a reporter before, either. We are not sure where he gets his credentials from or what he will base his teachings on. Does he even know how to make a syllabus?

“Virtually all the jobs listed on Hunter’s resume going back to his first position out of college, which paid a six-figure salary, came courtesy of Joe Biden’s donors, lobbyists and allies,” says an investigator who was tasked with finding out more about his qualifications. Hunter’s got quite the interesting resume otherwise, though.

He loves his crack cocaine and he’s no stranger to the powdered version, either. In fact, cocaine usage was how he ended up getting himself kicked out of the Navy. Hunter also enjoys making homemade porn and uploading it to the internet. If it’s about blowing money on hookers and having strip club orgies, Biden is all in.

Tulane University is providing a full list of speakers and as you would have guessed, there is no shortage of left-wing hacks who are going to be stopping by. Dr. Deborah Birx is chief among them, to the surprise of no one. A wide range of columnists from varying left-wing publications are being asked to share their knowledge and wisdom as well.

The course will be called Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts and unfolds over the course of ten weeks. We have gotten the chance to take a closer look at the syllabus and it is quite something. The Daily Mail has obtained it and we cannot stop chuckling at some of the nonsense that is written within.

“America’s rapidly advancing partisan divide is fueled substantially by the growing political polarization increasingly evident in our news media,” they claim. Who’s fault is that, though? The leftists who are going to be speaking in this classroom are the ones who created this issue and now they want to blame it on others. It’s very typical leftist behavior.

“This course will explore the current state of the media landscape in the United States and how media polarization, fake news, and the economics of the news business impact public policymaking in Washington, D.C,” the syllabus continues. It doesn’t say anything about Hunter’s crack pipe in here but we are sure that they will add it eventually.

The parents of the students who are enrolled at schools like these have to be somewhat annoyed. The course does not sound like it will be making up a huge part of anyone’s credit hours but it’s still not acceptable material for students to be taking in. This country’s educational institutions are headed in a very bad direction if this is what passes for quality lecturing these days.

This is cronyism at its worst. No one should be listening to Hunter Biden’s opinions about anything, let alone the “fake news” media. The mainstream media loves propping him up and we have yet to see him get the short end of that stick. What’s his problem then? Sleepy Joe needs to get his son under control before he says or does any more stupid things.