Biden’s Cancer Initiative Is Nothing but Hot Air


Hey, remember that Biden Cancer Initiative that was started when Joe Biden was still Vice President? Millions of dollars were spent. No one else remembers it, either. It was supposed to be focused on cutting-edge cancer research. The only thing that it accomplished was spending millions on staff salaries.

Breitbart News and the New York Post have already reported the details about the initiative. It’s hot air and nothing more.

Federal filings have shown that no money has been given to research. Instead, the money has gone to pay some very impressive salaries.

The Biden Cancer Initiative was founded in 2017 with the purpose of developing and driving solutions that would “accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care” – as it is described within the IRS mission statement. The initiative was created by the former VP and his wife.

Cancer has been something Biden has always clung to. He headed up the Cancer Moonshot Task Force following the death of his son Beau in 2015, who passed from a brain tumor. The Biden Cancer Initiative was supposed to continue the efforts so that “urgent” solutions were found.

Where’s the Biden Cancer Initiative now? It has shuttered its doors. Two-thirds of the money was spent on staff – and many of the top executives were receiving impressive six-figure salaries.

Over $4 million was raised in the years of 2017 and 2018. Where did the money go? For two years, the nonprofit didn’t cut any grants to foundations or groups. So, there was no money to address the “urgent” solutions that were needed. Instead, $3 million was spent on not only staff salaries but also benefits for the staff.

Charity watchdogs recommend that nonprofits spend no more than 25 percent on administrative overhead and fundraising costs. Clearly, Biden didn’t get that memo. Instead, he spent over 65 percent on such things.

Where did the rest of the money go? Great question…and no one really knows. However, Biden has managed to meet with a number of businessmen about various ventures – and hold meetings at prestigious conference centers. The remaining 35 percent of what was brought in from fundraisers likely funded such travels.

Biden has spoken about funding cancer research on many occasions. One of the reasons why he got as far as he did in the primaries was because of his talk about cancer research. It’s a hot topic since so many people have been affected by cancer – either directly or because of knowing a family member or friend who has been diagnosed.

Yet, he’s done nothing. His promises were empty. Instead, he used a nonprofit to put money into the hands of close friends and former aides in the name of science. And what did those people do? They clearly weren’t fundraising too heavily as $4 million isn’t an impressive number by today’s standards. They weren’t reading over grants and issuing money since no organizations received a penny. Instead, they sat in their penthouses and collected money for doing nothing. It’s the crookedness that Trump tried to warn us about.

Biden is the swamp master. Trump tried to drain the swamp, but people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others clogged the drain. We now have to deal with four years of Biden running the country – creating fake initiatives as a way to pay people six-figure incomes without having them do a thing. And he uses his son’s death as a way to make it okay.

Meanwhile, there are real nonprofits actually fighting to cure cancer. Think about what they could have done with $4 million? It’s no wonder why there’s so much about Hunter Biden and his corruptive ways in the news. Everything that he has done has been learned from his father. And, now, he’s going to be president? We’re in for a bumpy four years thanks to Democrats who were scared of Trump speaking the truth.