Biden’s Army of Thugs and Leftists Brutally Attack Reporters Who Disagree With Biden’s Handling of America’s Affairs


If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably seen all of the fighting that has been taking place. Antifa and the Proud Boys have been brawling regularly in Portland lately. Yes, both sides are responsible for the violence that is currently going on. However, there is one incident in particular that has caught our attention and it involves the wannabe tough guys from Antifa.

These “tough guys” decided that it was cool to harass a woman. Not only did they call her vile names but they also threw her to the ground and smashed her camera. This is how they treat any female reporter that they do not like. Her phone was also smashed and she was sprayed with pepper spray.

Anyone who supports this type of barbaric behavior is no friend of ours. “Shocking video from yesterday’s Portland riot shows antifa robbing female photographer @MaranieRae & hitting her to the ground. She goes to retrieve her equipment & is hit w/pepper spray. Video by @JLeeQuinn,” Andy Ngo shared. To the best of our knowledge, he is one of the only reporters who was willing to pass this along.

The mainstream media is never going to share these types of stories. Now, Matt Taibbi has taken the time to write a piece of his own about the awful incident. The headline is definitely eye catching and we were truly interested to hear what he had to say. “Enough is Enough: Antifa Attacks Reporter in Portland” is a great read for those who are sick and tired of these types of stories.

This is a choice excerpt:

“Yes, putting masks on prevents you from being identified, but it doesn’t confer the right of invisibility. Also, if you show up at a publicly-announced protest in a public place in broad daylight dressed like GWAR roadies or extras to a Terry Gilliam movie and start smashing things, one really has to wonder about the sincerity of your commitment to anonymity. Someone is going to film you, whether it’s the right-wing counter-protesters on the other side or the police, and in the case of the press, it’s actually their job to do it in a responsible way. You have a right to wear a mask, they have both the right and the obligation to film you, that’s how this works.

Nonetheless, antifascist protesters have taken their absurd demands of non-coverage quite far in the past, making lists of protester-approved media and going after reporters and videographers from papers like local CBS and ABC affiliates as well as the Washington Post, NPR, the Toronto Sun, and othersTheir rationale is that filming hurts their cause by making them vulnerable either to arrest or doxing, a dubious concept one could argue on multiple levels, but again, that’s what masks are for. Moreover — and I know this can be a hard concept — cameras generally help public protests, with the exception being when activists behave stupidly or unattractively in public. If you don’t do things like knock female reporters to the ground, you’re probably not going to end up dealing with negative press.”

The conclusion that he reached is also one that we agree with. “Too many news outlets have respected the desire of such protesters to remain invisible when they behave atrociously, and this is one of those cases,” Taibbi says. This reporter is never going to receive justice because the mainstream media is too afraid to be honest about what is really taking place in these cities.

Antifa operatives are never going to stop committing acts of violence in our streets because they know for a fact that they are not going to be held accountable when they do. Even street preachers are no longer safe, as they are being pepper sprayed in full view of the cameras. If the senseless violence is ever going to stop, the mainstream media will actually have to grow a spine first.