Biden’s America! Thugs Attack Old Man, Old Man Fights Back, Police Arrest Old Man, Thugs Go Free (Video)


This man was on a cruise with his fellow brave patriots in Salem, Oregon when this confrontation took place. Antifa decided that the men were white supremacists and that they had to be stopped. They blocked their path and a tussle ensued. These patriots were not going to accept this without a fight.

An older man ended up being caught up in the fray, though. The truck that he had driven during the cruise was trashed, as the thugs pummeled it with debris. He was struck and the windows were shattered. Once he gets out of the truck, the situation goes from bad to worse. You’d think that these people would realize that they are hurting an old man but no dice.

Objects are hurled at him as the group closes in. The old man realizes that he is surrounded and has no chance but to draw his weapon. The pistol is produced and he racks a round. At this time, the Antifa group realizes that they have officially messed with the wrong dude.

Of course, they continue to yell at him from a safe distance. They back away slowly and retreat but they run their mouths all the while. The police show up soon after and this is where order is supposed to be restored. We were appalled to see what happened next.

Instead of helping the old man, the Antifa low lives were of greater concern to the officers. This is Biden’s America for you. The rule of law has gone by the wayside and the police are too afraid to get any real work done.

Oregon is a wild place and we are not surprised that their officers felt this way. This is a state that cares more about protecting its liberals than making sure that its citizens are not being assaulted. An old man deserves better than this sort of treatment but that’s what the officers in this instance cared about most.

As long as the Antifa thugs were okay, they couldn’t have cared less about this old man. The cops arrived on the scene, drew their weapons and ordered the old man onto the ground. Couldn’t they tell that he was simply doing his best to defend himself? These officers need a serious lesson in how to police their neighborhoods.

The old man complies with the orders. The gun is tossed into the bed of his pickup truck and he gets down on the ground with his arms outstretched. Riot cops come sprinting in, as the old man remains down. He is told to stay on the ground and keep his fingers locked around his head.

The militants think that this is funny and they begin to cheer the police on. These are the same people who want them stripped of their funding, too. “Please defund the police! Unless I am in trouble because I picked on the wrong person, of course. That’s when they are awesome. Great work, officers!”

There is no mistaking what took place here. The video has multiple angles, so no one can dispute anything that we have just told you. Social media had some funny interpretations of the confrontation. Someone even called the “far-right” protesters cowards. How are they the cowards in this instance when they are the ones who needed a huge crowd to gang up on an old man who wasn’t causing the least bit of harm? It makes no sense at all.

Fortunately, the old man was released from custody and given the chance to return to his vehicle. No one knows if he received a citation of any kind. The police were talking to him as the incident came to a close and we will update you as soon as we know more about what took place here. This is what happens when Biden steals an election and the rule of law becomes a total thing of the past.