Biden’s America! Parents Arrested After Refusing to Turn Their Children Into Rampant Violent Racists


A wild scene unfolded at a Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday night, as parents protested the teaching of critical race theory in their kids’ schools. These Marxist teachings have no place in any educational curriculum in America. It did not take long before the authorities looked to intervene, though.

The sheriffs arrived soon after and declared the protest to be an unlawful assembly. Some of the parents who were on hand did not want to leave right away. As a result of their unwillingness, at least two of these parents were placed under arrest.

The Loudoun County school board decided to end public commentary and they were booed by the anti-critical race theory protesters. “The Loudoun County sheriff’s office declared the school board meeting an unlawful assembly. Everyone told to get out or will be trespassing. Two arrests made,” Gabriella Borter shared on Twitter.

It is sad to see parents being treated in this manner because they are willing to speak their minds. This is a country that has spent the past few years bending over backward to find excuses for violent protests. What has changed all of a sudden? The protests are okay until we do not agree with the cause at hand, apparently!

These parents have every right to say what they need to say and near as we can tell, no one was being violent or out of control. We have to turn on the television and watch Democrat-led cities get smashed to bits but this peaceful protest is deemed an unlawful assembly? Conservative thinkers all over the world are watching this and they see that America is slowly circling the drain.

We are being shown that we cannot express ourselves without immediate fear of reprisal. If we decide to say what we really feel, the police are called and we are ordered to go home. Meanwhile, we watch cities get burned to the ground each and every day. The police stand idly by and allow that to happen.

Anyone who questions any of this is told that they are a racist or a white supremacist (or both). Parents should not be treated like common criminals for merely having concern about the way that their children are being taught. This is not what America has been built on and anyone who supports these people being silenced has to think long and hard about why they feel this way.

The mainstream media is perpetuating the idea that anyone who disagrees with conservative thinkers is fully in the right. There’s no gray area anymore. When protests happen that are designed to call attention to issues that the leftists are concerned with, we all have to stop in our tracks and praise them for how courageous they are.

If a conservative decides to stand for what they think is right, the mentality is completely different. The police were once an impartial group that made arrests based on the rule of law. Now, they are merely puppets for the Biden regime and everyone can see through this.

This is making conservatives seriously doubt if the country is headed in the right direction. When Trump was in charge, these types of things would not have happened. If they did, he would have been the first one who was willing to speak up about it. He’s not the type of president to sit idly by as the rule of law gets trampled on over and over again.

Biden, on the other hand, is more worried about nursing his progressive bonafides. He wants everyone to think that he is not supportive of the police because that’s what works for him in the moment. Little do these people know that they have a snake in their midst. He’ll turn against them on this one as soon as it is even remotely viable for him to do so. We cannot wait to watch it happen.