Biden vs. Abbott: Who Will Win the Battle on Infected Illegal Aliens?


Does Biden really think that he can battle COVID without battling the southern border crisis? Governor Greg Abbott of Texas isn’t going to bother to wait around and find out. The Texan is committed to keeping his state as safe as can be, even if that means going to war with the President of the United States.

Why is it that Biden is more concerned with Americans getting vaccinated than anything else? Perhaps, he should take a look at the southern border. That’s where there is a high percentage of COVID cases. Except, then, he’d have to admit that illegal aliens are entering the border at an alarming rate, too.

We’ve already heard the story about illegal aliens spreading COVID-19 at a Whataburger in southern Texas. The Border Patrol agents are literally processing the illegal aliens and letting them enter the country – complete with COVID and NO vaccine.

Biden wants to focus so heavily on vaccines yet he doesn’t think to have the Border Patrol agents test the illegal aliens for COVID or issue vaccines.

That’s a problem. And instead of deporting all of the illegal aliens, President Biden is letting them stay.

Biden has all but abolished ICE. However, abolishing ICE would make the administration look bad. So, instead, he has decided to simply order ICE to stop deporting people. Problem solved, right?

There’s just one problem. The illegal aliens are causing the spread of COVID. And since the president isn’t going to deal with the problem, Governor Abbott has no choice but to step up and take care of it.

ICE officers can’t do much. They can’t remove anyone until they’re a convicted and aggravated felon. Being sick with COVID and spreading it around isn’t cause for ICE to do anything.

Abbott is well aware of the health risks that come from letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens who don’t care a lick about social distancing into the U.S. Every month, Border Patrol is allowing even more in.

The Democrats would love to blame Texas for the uptick in COVID cases. After all, Governor Abbott lets people go without masks. Yet, it has nothing to do with mask-wearing. It has everything to do with the influx of infected illegal aliens.

Abbott has recently issued an emergency executive order that noted “busloads of migrants, an unknown number of whom are infected with COVID-19” that are being bussed into various communities around Texas. The order allows officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop any vehicle with reasonable suspicion that there are illegal aliens being carried that may be infected with COVID-19. Upon the stop, they can be rerouted back to the border where the vehicle will be impounded.

Wow, so you mean something can be done about the illegal aliens? It seems that Abbott may be on to something. With his emergency executive order, it can help to prevent the spread of infection.

Meanwhile, President Biden will continue to urge Americans to get vaccines. If only he had that same urgency when it came to urging the illegal immigrants at the southern border to get vaccinated.