Biden Voters in Portland Warn Trump Supporters Being Murdered for Supporting Trump Is Tough Luck (Video)


Downtown Portland has been the site of numerous protests and riots over the past few months. Some may remember a Trump supporter caravan that was organized in the city back in August. These vehicles were attacked by a number of leftists who had organized in the area. Michael Reinoehl is one of these leftists.

A Trump supporter named Aaron Danielson was gunned down by Reinoehl in cold blood. The far-left Antifa groups have been causing all sorts of trouble for some time now and things have gotten out of hand. The First TV published a video, wherein a woman was asked about the incident. Her answer is bone-chilling.

She does not care about the deceased at all. Her response is one of the most callous things that we have ever seen. “Tough luck. Don’t be an effing Trump supporter in Portland,” she said. We obviously edited one of the words because there’s no need to repeat the vile phrase verbatim but you get the gist.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the country that we live in at the moment. When you spend time with sane folks all day, the horrors don’t always reveal themselves as quickly. Unfortunately, we are given a swift reminder every single time we turn on the television set. Social media is also a nightmare for us these days.

It feels like everyone is on there posturing in some way, shape, or form. Everyone wants you to know that they really hate Trump and its turned into a bizarre form of one-upmanship. It’s not enough to want him out of the White House, people want him dead. They also want his supporters to die and all of the celebratory posts about this shooting are sure to be infuriating.

Anyone on the right who takes even the slightest amount of pleasure in the left’s displeasure is cast out and treated like they cannot be a member of polite society. Meanwhile, leftists are allowed to be as mean and miserable as possible. Anyone who questions them on this is called a racist. We have all seen this exact cycle play out a million times before.

The left wants Trump and everyone who supports him out of their way. This is how they are going to achieve their perfect utopia. While this is never actually going to come to fruition, seeing people who are willing to say the quiet part loud is always a very chilling experience. How is anyone supposed to expect this election to go off without a hitch in these circumstances?

These are the videos that have everyone else scared of what is going to happen next. No one wants to feel as if they are in mortal danger because of their political opinion. Meanwhile, those who are looking to protect their homes and loved ones during protests are being cast as villains. This makes no sense to us and we wish that someone could help us actually make sense of it all.

The same people who are quick to point fingers at the right will make all of the excuses for the left. This includes the mainstream media. They have helped to create this unbalanced environment because of their unwillingness to paint a nuanced portrait. Their audience is fed nothing but half-truths and they have no interest in changing their ways. That’s why they are always spouting off with misinformation.

To be fair, they can’t help themselves but they can also start to take accountability for that. Those of us who take the time to remain informed are not fans of people who hide behind the mainstream media shield. We would bet a sizable amount of money that this was not even covered by those outlets. CNN and the like would rather keep sticking their heads in the sand than deal with the reality that they are at least partially complicit in creating.