Biden Says Wear a Mask, but I Can’t Make You


Biden can’t seem to remember where he lies on any of the important issues. Whenever he decides to host a live speech or go live from his Delaware basement, it’s impromptu and his puppet master is nowhere in sight. It’s getting to be dizzying with the guessing game of what Joe Biden believes now.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden proposed a national mask mandate. Less than 24 hours later, he’s backing down off that saying that he would “put pressure” on local and state government to require them. So, is he for masks or not? It’s really hard to identify.

He declares himself as a constitutionalist. “You can’t do things the Constitution doesn’t allow you the power to do.”

Okay, great. So, in one breath, Biden says, “let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately” in order to save lives. Then, he has backtracked to say that there’s a question of whether a president can actually mandate that everyone wear a mask. As a constitutionalist, he would want to put pressure on every governor and every mayor and every business. He wants to tell them that they’re irresponsible and that social distancing and wearing a mask is necessary.

Biden says that most people understand that social distancing and wearing a mask is a necessity in order to keep everyone safe. But do they? A quick walk into any store will identify that there are plenty who feel they don’t have to wear a mask because it’s not required. By the very constitution, it allows people to choose whether they want to wear a mask or not.

Biden feels that it’s not about rights but about “your responsibility as an American.” So, as of right now, Biden’s stance is that “Every single American should be wearing a mask when they are outside for the next three months at a minimum.”

Whoa. Outside? What about inside? It’s hot outside and no one wants to walk around with a mask on if they don’t have to. What about when a social distance is being maintained? A mask needs to be worn all the time?

Biden claims that governors should mandate the mask wearing and that a policy such as that could save “40,000 lives.” Where he got that number is anyone’s guess. It’s very possible that he randomly pulled it out of the air as he has been known to do.

Now, as more people come forward to say that they don’t want to wear a mask, Biden may change his stance on the mask wearing again. It seems that these days, he’ll change his opinion as often as he needs as long as it will help him in the polls.

Many are also questioning why Biden has recently identified himself as a Constitutionalist. He wants to read the Constitution and follow it the way that it was written. While that’s fine, that’s typically a move that’s maintained by the conservative Republicans…not for the liberal Dem that he wants to prove himself to be.

It’s yet another question that people are asking about Biden. He can’t continue to flip and flop around on important issues just to get the polls to move in his favor. He wants to require masks – or, maybe, he doesn’t. Well, he wants to require a mandate but he wouldn’t have that kind of power as president based on the constitution. Make no mistake, though – he wants the mandate. So, he’ll put the pressure on every mayor, governor, and business around the country to require a mask. Indoors or out, he wants everyone wearing a mask because he deems it as the safest option, even though that’s not what the CDC is saying any longer.

The game that Biden is playing is a dangerous one. He’ll say and do whatever he needs to in order to get elected. It also means that no one knows what kind of candidate he really is – and it’s why Trump continues to call him out on it and demand a test of mental clarity.