Biden Launches More Attacks Against Women – Bans Cheerleaders Over “Gender Inclusive Dancers”


Female sports teams are under attack yet again and the liberals are leading the way. The Washington Football Team, which was already under fire for their former nickname, is now going to be replacing their cheerleaders. What did these cheerleaders do to deserve such a fate? No one knows but we are wondering what comes next.

The team also announced that they are keeping their ridiculous name for at least one more season. “I’ve been asked to create a more modern entertainment team that is inclusive and diverse. We just want to follow that mode of being more modern and a more modern franchise. Change is difficult, but I do feel that the fans will love what we bring to the table,” says former Laker Girl manager Petra Pope.

“My focus is really just reinventing this team,” she told the Associated Press. “My goal is to create this team, reinvent this team and make it more modern.” That’s a worthy goal for sure but we still don’t understand why an NFL team would decide that they need to be beholden to the liberals. The Equality Act seems to be having the opposite effect.

The world of women’s sports is already precarious enough without these sorts of agendas. All they do is allow the Bidens of the world to feel like they have accomplished something. In reality, the Equality Act does nothing but take opportunities away from women who have worked very hard. That’s not something that Biden and his cronies are prepared to reckon with.

For those who are unfamiliar with the act, biological boys and men will be given the chance to compete in women’s sports. As long as they are identifying as female, they are good to go. While many are concerned that this is going to put an end to female sports as we know it, the woke liberals are claiming that all is well.

The NFL is also playing a very dangerous game here. They experienced a bit of a ratings let down with the Super Bowl this year. Some blamed it on fatigue with the newly woke messaging that the league broke out this year and we could see why that might be. We are not sure what writing ‘END RACISM’ on the field of play is going to do for anyone.

It’s bad enough for Washington fans, who can’t even wear all of the team gear that they already purchased without being subjected to the whims of woke scolds. This is certainly not a huge concern in the grand scheme of things but fans would be right to start getting annoyed. Why does the tea, they root for have to become the guinea pig for all of the NFL wokeness initiatives.

No one can explain what will happen when all of the unwanted ripple effects happen at other levels of the sporting world, either. What happens when high schools that are looking to give their women’s sports teams a boost start to tell the guys who aren’t quite good enough for varsity to identify as female instead?

This is the sort of thing that is going to go totally unnoticed at first, especially if it takes place in a smaller town. A local high school that is rolling off victories is less likely to call out their own behavior. It would take someone leaking the story to a national outlet for there to be any sort of outcry. By then, countless seasons and careers will have fallen by the wayside.

It’s all going to be sacrificed on the altar of wokeness. Pro sports should be safe from these types of shenanigans but here we are. This is Biden’s America and we all have to live in it now. The NFL was once considered too big to fail but they are doing everything in their power to make sure that people are turned away. Sad to see!