Biden Jumps into Bed with Muslims


Muslims will stop at nothing to take over land and people. For centuries they have killed and invaded lands that were not theirs for the sole purpose of converting people to the Muslim religion. Their past is full of bloodshed and crimes that shudder the soul. Their goals are the same today as they were centuries ago, except they have to work differently in powerful countries such as the United States.

In weaker nations, they can terrorize and kill people without much effort. But in America, they have come to realize that to take over the country they have to infiltrate and divide the people. This is done through involvement with politics and tortuous education. Each one of these two ways is subtle, and they are patient to wait for the results. 

People like Barack Obama and Ilhan Omar praise the Muslim faith. Of the two, Omar is the most outspoken. Several times she has gone on record praising her Muslim brothers and sisters for their acts of terror against free nations of the west. She degrades Israel as she believes they are her enemy. And not once has she ever supported the country that granted her asylum as she fled Somalia. She simply hates being an American.

But her secret duty is to subvert and drive the country towards the Muslim religion whenever she can. Matters of voting only appeal to her if she can get the country one step closer to a Muslim takeover. Their methods may seem slick and sly, but some people are tuned into their acts of subversion. This is why Omar hates President Trump so much. Because he does not let her get away with the terroristic politics she loves to play. 

But not all Muslim supporters are well known as Obama and Omar are. Somewhere along the line, Joe Biden had to have secretly converted to their murderous faith as he is in favor of indoctrinating children in the Muslim religion. Biden acts like he is the president. At a summit filled with Muslim voters, he graciously turned his back on America as he stated that schools in America need to teach more about Islam.

He stated with his traitorous tongue that “I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths. It’s one of the great confessional faiths.” He puts them on the same level as Christianity. In the times of the kings, Biden would be seen as a traitor simply for supporting the invading Muslim. He would have been locked away in an awful prison for life or until he repented of his ways. 

Muslims do vote, but they vote in ways that favor the Islamic religion. Biden separates religion and politics, but the Muslims combine them because their faith is part of their being. To them, life is all about being Muslim. Biden’s Muslim ties have earned him their endorsement. He has crawled into bed with them to earn their votes. 

Biden wants to end the travel ban for Muslims as soon as would step into the office. But that will never happen. The ban on Muslims coming to America is to keep them from overwhelmingly taking the country by force. Biden wants to flood the American landscape with Muslims. He wants them to take the country. He wants their mosques built on every corner and their prayers played over megaphones every day. At heart, Biden has turned Muslim.

Muslims all over the country hate Christians. For centuries they have seen them as their enemy. There will be no peace with them until they have eradicated every Christian from the face of the planet. They are only interested in parasitically taking over the world.

Several Muslims in the House have supported Biden. They wrote that “Our number one goal is to remove Donald Trump from office and to replace him with someone who can begin to heal our nation. A Biden administration will move the nation forward on many of the issues we care about.” They care about taking over the country and clueless Biden is their trojan horse to see their wishes come true.